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Redheal PRO
Care App

Significantly designed user-friendly application for the public to research through the best doctors in your proximity, call

our doctor, speak to our tele-caller, order medicines, maintain their history of records, know about the recent health updates/blogs and many other fascinating options.

Redheal PRO
Pro App

Strategically designed for doctors access their appointments, patient data, medical history etc. This helps the doctor to

be more equipped with the patient information.

Redheal Assist

An Integrated Health Assistance System
Redheal PRO

you can get connected to expert from our network of doctors in less than a minute

Redheal PRO

Get your medical history recorded & stored for future benefits.

Redheal PRO

Based on the current problem & past medical history , get analysed to know whom to choose

Redheal PRO

Book appointments from network of trusted & verified doctors near you.

Chat With a Doctor

Discuss your health problems with a professional before it’s too late, our algorithm matches you with the best available doctors at that particular time so that you can get your queries answered promptly. Booking with the doctor. Skip lines and waiting time – Save time.

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  • Book appointmentsOrder medicines
  • Order medicines
  • Stay updated on health blogs
  • Store health records
  • Never wait to feel better
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