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Sudden severe chest pain? We best recommend you to consult the best cardiologist in town or rush to the hospital nearby, no matter the confusion!
However, it is good to stay well-informed and hence our experts from Red heal will explain to you the difference

Heartburn, often mistaken as heart attach as symptoms for both resembles much. Also, when it comes to chest pain, we definitely would not want to risk! Heartburn is usually a burning sensation associated with acid reflux in the body. While the heart attack is treated by a cardiologist, Heartburn is treated by a gastrointestinal doctor, also known as, a gastroenterologist.

Heartburn is not related to heart in anyway, except, of-course, the name contains ‘heart’. However, the term is only coined as it causes pain or burning sensation in the chest. In heartburn, the stomach produces mucus to protect the lining from acid. Due to lack of protection in food pipe the acid reflux cause damage. Hence the nerve connecting heart becomes acid sensitive and therefore the pain in the heart.

How to differentiate Heartburn from a Heart attack?

The symptoms of Heart attack start from chest pain and cause a sensation of tightness and fulness. While the symptoms of heartburn usually start from the stomach. It involves burning sensation or stomach ache which then start reaching higher as food pipe moves.

The key difference between Heart attack and Heartburn are:

  • Heart burn is associated with food and hence gets worst in terms of causing pain after the intake of food. However, a heart attack can be caused even at the resting state.
  • For connecting pain of Heart and stomach, it is best to take antacid first and check for effectiveness. The best natural antacid to be taken at home is lemon water with a half teaspoon of black pepper.
    • Note: Refer to a chemist or your Doctor
  • Heartburn does not cause symptoms like shortness of breath, while a heart attack does affect the breathing.
  • Heartburn usually causes bloating while heart attack does not cause any.

While antacid is for the immediate relief of the problem, if it persists for a day or two, it is best to refer the Gastroenterology nearby.

While we always try our best to provide you with expert diagnosis information, we totally understand your concern. Amid of COVID, if you are unable to visit the Doctor and wants consultancy over any related issues, feel Free to reach Online Consultancy at Redheal portal. We promise to connect you with the Best Gastroenterology in Hyderabad.



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