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Here’s why your Teeth hurt during winter: 6 Tips to cope with it

Have you ever noticed why your teeth hurt during winter? If not for the season, are your teeth already sensitive to hot or cold foods?


Dentures VS Dental Implants : Which is the Better Alternative

There is no such thing you need to move on in your life with missing teeth. We are living in a generation where many good


Adolescence : Dental problems with children

Adolescence is a phase of life in which you most adoration and love. But, this is the same phase where children suffer with various dental


Wisdom Tooth : Extraction | Complications | Medication

Wisdom teeth which are also referred as third molars are the rear permanent teeth to develop. They commonly burst out through the gum.  Usually, this


Bleeding Gums : Risk Factors | Precautions

Bleeding gums are considered to be the most common gum disease and it is triggered by intense brushing and flossing. If you are being suffered 


Effects of Smoking on Teeth : Signs and Remedies

Mostly people believe that smoking will have its effect on general health but, it also affects ones oral health in equal measure. What smoking does


Cracked Tooth : Risk Factors | Symptoms | Treatment

Cracked tooth is ought to be one of the most common problems in dentistry and it is called with various names cracked or damaged or


Tooth Erosion : Causes | Symptoms | Risk Factors

Tooth is an assimilation of enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum. For your information, most part of tooth is built up of dentin and situated beneath


Periodontal or Gum Disease : Symptoms | Risk Factors | Treatment

Periodontal disease also referred as gum disease is triggered by bacteria in dental plaque. It has a wide range of inflammatory conditions that shake the


Teeth Cavities: Causes | Symptoms | Prevention

Are you suffering from frequent cavities? Here are the tips to avoid teeth issues: Toothache might often give you sleepless nights and if ignored is