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General Health

What is Thyroid Test? It’s Signs | Disorders | Procedures

The Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland located in the lower part of your neck, just under Adam’s apple. Important blood vessels and nerves pass

General Health

Full Body Health Check-up Importance | Signs | Benefits

In spite of many health packages and full-body check-ups available in the market today, not everyone realizes the need for getting a full-body health check-up

General Health

What is Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test and It’s Importance

Did your doctor ever recommend you to undergo a series of tests to understand your health condition or disease? Of those tests, a blood test

General Health

10 Tips for a Successful Health Check-up

Getting a health check-up regularly is a foolproof way to stay one step ahead in leading a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. Kudos to you, if

General Health

What is Master Health Check-up? Common Tests | Benefits

In a bizarre turn of events due to the ongoing pandemic, people have started to take the saying “Prevention is better than cure” more seriously.

General Health Skin

What is Liposuction? Its Risk Factors and Benefits

Aren’t you losing weight in spite of sweating profusely at the gym, and eating clean throughout the day and stay well within your calorie intake

Coronavirus General Health

Pandemic Flu v/s Seasonal Flu | Their Differences

The season is changing from summers to monsoon! And so is our body preparing self to adapt it. While monsoon is the easiest to catch

General Health Nutrition

Monsoon Diet | Healthy Foods to consume in Rainy Season

Monsoon has already knocked the doors in many states. And so is the concern of food choices. Crispy fritters and a hot cup of tea

General Health

Alcohol Based Sanitisers and It’s Risk Factors

The sales on hand sanitizers are all-time high! People want to take all the precautions to save themselves from the CoVID-19. Hand sanitizers are one

General Health

When and How to to Use Hand Sanitizers?

Unlock 1.0 is here! But the relief to be out again is only from the government, not from the CoVID-19! And in situations like this,