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Periodontal disease also referred as gum disease is triggered by bacteria in dental plaque. It has a wide range of inflammatory conditions that shake the supporting structures of the teeth which could pose to tooth loss and contribute to consistent inflammation. Chronic periodontitis mainly affects adults, whereas aggressive periodontitis may occasionally occur in children. Periodontal disease inception and proliferation is through dental plaque, which then meets with the immune defences of the host, steering towards inflammation and disease.

In order to diminish the impact of bacteria, the immune system secrets affluences that intensify and mutilate the gums and bones that supports teeth. Indeed, in some cases the worst stage of this disease costs slackening for teeth. Since we eat ample amounts of food, be it junk, fruits, chocolates, steamed food or any food bacteria gets stored in various places around teeth. As a matter of fact, we do brushing or flossing to take of all that bacteria. Whatever the bacteria that couldn’t be removed get so stiff that even brushing doesn’t help in cleaning it out.

“Smoking is the prime cause for 74.8 periodontal disease cases”. Quit Smoking.

Symptoms Of Gum Disease:

  1. Puffed gums.
  2. Teeth will lose their stiffness.
  3. It gets hard to eat or chew.
  4. The colour of gums gets red and sometime purple
  5. Larger gaps between teeth
  6. Bleeding when you brush or floss teeth
  7. Unbearable pain when gums are touched
  8. Some variance of taste in the mouth

Factors that trigger Gum Disease:

Many can be listed out if we have to discuss about elements that trigger periodontal disease. Here are some of such causes,

  1. Smoking tops it all. Most dentists unequivocally say that in maximum periodontitis cases smoking is found to be the culprit and they also add that smoking will actually bring down the effect of treatment’s impact.
  2. Hormonal variations will also cause teeth gums to become more subtle and leaves way for gingivitis to grow.
  3. Diabetes sufferers has more chances to develop periodontal disease in all probabilities as the amount of blood supply into the gums gets low due to diabetes making the situation much harder to cure. In addition to that, that also makes diabetic’s mouth go dry and increase chances for gum diseases.
  4. Excessive use of medications will also pose to reduce the flow of saliva in mouth which in return create dryness and so the gum disease. It is obvious that saliva plays a prominent role in killing the bacteria.

Periodontists is a curable disease if some specific remedies and medications are followed. To know more about periodontists, symptoms & treatment call us on 8800644744.



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