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Cracked tooth is ought to be one of the most common problems in dentistry and it is called with various names cracked or damaged or fractured or chipped tooth you name it. A beautiful smile is what all you need to become successful in all terms and it is built upon a perfect lineup of teeth with good shape.Let us imagine for a moment, one tooth in this amazing lineup gets damaged or broken then that entire beautiful smile becomes unattractive.

For your information, 1 in every 8 hassensitive teeth which have a close relation with cracked tooth. The outer surface of our teeth is built by substance called enamel which is probably hardest than bone.

But to be honest, everything has a breaking point and enamel is no exception in this. We can figure out many reason which provoke cracked tooth such as In children while they play outside sometimes they might fall down and tooth gets cracked whereas in adults excessive friction or a power blow. 

Inside the tooth, beneath the white enamel, there is present a hard tissue called dentin and inside the dentin we have a soft tissue called pulp which has tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. It is spread over from the pinnacle of the tooth to its roots and this condition leads to Root Canal.

So, when the enamel of the tooth is cracked or chipped, every time your chew it creates irritation for pulp and it slowing grows ending up injuring the pulp.

Many diagnosis methods are being implemented in dentistry to treat a cracked tooth and the diagnosis of cracked teeth is based on three factors, type of crack, position of the crack and severity of the crack.

There are five types of cracks-Fractured cusps, split teeth, vertical root factures, craze lines and cracked tooth. When the crack is prolonged into the pulp and creates pain, most dentists advice to go for Root Canal Treatment.   

Here are some factors that provoke cracked teeth

  1. Excessive grinding of teeth can damage enamel and leads to cracking and this phenomenon is called as bruxism.
  2. Biting something hard like bone or over freeze foods like ice cubes
  3. Any kind of physical attacks to the mouth like direct contact with surface when you fall down or ball hitting you while you play.
  4. Eating sugary foods excessively as the sugar contains bacteria which can damage enamel.
  5. Cavities and tooth decay can damage the enamel of the teeth.
Signs that say you have a broken teeth

Symptoms that say you have a cracked tooth

Well, you may probably not feel or experience any pain when you have a crack tooth unless the severity goes up and exposes to the root nerves which eventually creates sensitivity and so the pain but still here are some symptoms which can help you figure out if it is a cracked tooth

  1. Pain on biting and chewing foods especially, hard foods.
  2. Over sensitivity to hot or cold.
  3. The spiky surface of the tooth. You can feel if you rub the tongue over the tooth.
  4. Gum inflammations around the cracked tooth. You can see the gums turned in red colour and feel terrible pain when touched.

So, if you want to know more about cracked tooth and get it treated by the Best Dentist at Dental Hospital around you, call us to 8800644744 and Schedule your Appointment.



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