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Is your breath putting you into shame? Is it making you feel uncomfortable getting close to someone? Yes, it does. Many of us have bad breath and this evil breath can show a lot of impacts in our daily life. Confidence levels get down when we have bad breath. Not just that, above all, it can bring on a lot of complications. Also, the researches say that 85% of people have smelly breath and there are different reasons and causes for it. Before we get into the prevention tips, let us first know about the causes of it.

What are the Causes of bad breath?

There could be so many reasons for your bad breath. Look at the possible causes of bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

  • Tobacco products
  • Dry mouth
  • Poor dental maintenance
  • Mouth infections
  • Medications
  • Metabolic disorders

Along with it, certain food items like onion, spices, and garlic can cause bad breath. These food items increase bacteria in the mouth resulting in a smelly breath.

Also, there are a few systematic diseases that cause bad breath. They include:Bad Breath Causes and Treatment

  • Menstrual breath
  • Sinus breath
  • Liver breath
  • Metabolic breath
  • Diabetes breath
  • Tonsil breath

How to Prevent Bad Breath?

Now the question is how can you avoid Bad Odor? Following these tips may help you.

  • Brush Twice a day
  • Never skip cleaning the tongue
  • Floss your teeth
  • Avoid tobacco and smelly foods
  • Chew sugarless candies
  • Drink water at regular intervals

When to Talk to a Doctor?

The above-mentioned tips can help you to some extent. But knowing the root cause and curing it is very necessary. Self-care techniques can only help you to reduce it. However, a Dentist can help you prevent it completely. If the breath smell is due to plaque, then the dentist will suggest a cleanup. The underlying diseases may be the reason for your bad odor. Only a Doctor can Diagnose it betterHowever, don’t neglect the Bad Breath.

Bad Breath Remedies


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