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Are you suffering from frequent cavities? Here are the tips to avoid teeth issues

Toothache might often give you sleepless nights and if ignored is a potential threat to many diseases. The dominant cause for toothache can be due to the cavity. The cavity is referred to as formation of a hole in the tooth. However, they are unrecognizable in the beginning forming as a tiny, and conspicuous hole which grows to be bigger if goes untreated over time. It is important to know, what causes cavities and how to get rid of them so that, your teeth remain sparkling, white and healthy when your hair gets grey. Timely dental checkups can help you be alert regarding your oral hygiene.


Causes of Cavities in the tooth

Plaque is the main reason for tooth cavities in most of the cases.

Plaque consists of the composition of bacteria, saliva, acids, and food particles. The bacteria present in the oral cavity reacts with sugar that has been consumed through juices, sweets or candies and the resulting product is acid. This acid erodes the hard shell on the teeth called enamel which is great defensive protection for teeth. As the enamel erodes it makes the roadway easy for decay.

The jaw teeth usually is more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities because of the gap between gums and teeth where food particles might get struck and remain causing decay and cavity.

The eating disorders such as bulimia (consumption of an enormous amount of food in regular intervals) and anorexia (cautious low-calorie diet intake while being fearful of weight gain) are potential causes for tooth decay and formation of cavities. Acid reflux (sudden flow of acids and fluids into the oral cavity that are secreted in the stomach) could be a bothersome issue for some people that can cause cavities and tooth decay.


Treatment of cavities

When you experience symptoms such as a toothache or even sensitivity in your teeth visit your dentist. Your dentist, after oral examination, might request an X-ray which clearly shows the degree of damage or decay. The decayed tooth is drilled to get rid of the decayed material and then filled with Gold, Silver or composite resin according to your choice. In order to avoid further decay, if required the cap is customized and fit as a crown for the treated teeth. The crown is of a choice after the merely damaged tooth which may undergo root canal treatment. This is a general procedure followed for the treatment of cavities.

Prevention of cavities

As always said and heard, prevention is better than cure, it is better to maintain healthy teeth in order to avoid cavities.

  • Brush your teeth twice daily morning and night with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Restrict the sugary foods, candies, juices, and soda.
  • Avoid the habit of frequent snacking
Teeth cavities

Foods that help healthy teeth

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that have natural sugars
  • Eat calcium-rich foods for stronger teeth
  • Replace the regular tea with green tea unsweetened
  • Sugarless chewing gum, which helps in proper movements of facial muscles
  • Make sure your drinking water has enough amount of fluoride.
Teeth cavities treatment
Teeth cavities treatment

After following the above precautions visit your dentist at least twice in a year and get your oral checkups. If discovered with tooth decay follow the precautions of the dentist to treat the decaying teeth early which helps to stop further damage.

Make a call now to know the best dentist near you who can help you in the treatment of your cavities or suggest the best possible tips to maintain healthy teeth while preventing cavities.

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