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Bleeding gums are considered to be the most common gum disease and it is triggered by intense brushing and flossing. If you are being suffered  one in a while then you need to worry but if you are facing this condition frequently, then it could be indication of some severe health problems like blood cancer, deficiency of clotting cells, lack of vitamins and many more.

To be honest, one in every three suffer with bleeding gums and as per surveys more than 60 percent of people would’ve suffered with this. For and foremost, accumulation of plaque along the gum line has been the major reason for most people.

Usually when you brush or floss your teeth plaque will goes away but sometimes when the plaque doesn’t gets washed away properly, it turns into tartar which becomes hard to remove. And later this condition becomes gingivitis which builds up on teeth and generates toxins that annoy gums.  You can fix that you have gingivitis if your gums are puffy, bleeding &inflamed.

So it is quite essential to stop the gingivitis right at the early stage in order to prevent it from becoming dangerous gum disease

What are the factors that trigger bleeding gums:

  • Deficiency of vitamin C &K
  • Infection within the gum can also lead to bleeding gums
  • Over use of tobacco products like cigarette and gutkha.
  • Poor hygienic life style.
  • Hormonal imbalances during birth.
How can you avoid bleeding gums

Avoid bleeding gums yourself by doing this

Well, our mouth shelters trillions of good bacteria that kills the bad bacteria that enters into your mouth through the food you eat, due to accumulated plaque or from any way. So try to develop and secure good bacteria in your mouth in order to kill the bacteria that kill microbes that cause bleeding gums.

  • Better avoid smoking as it can weaken the immune system and turn it harder for you to fight back the bacteria.
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Try to eat foods like lemon, orange, strawberry, kiwi, carrots which are high in Vitamin C
  • Try to gargle regularly in order to kill the bacteria that cause gum diseases.
  •  Brush or floss twice a day
  • Go for a dentist on regular basis to keep a track on your dental condition.
  • Try to keep a healthy and hygiene lifestyle.

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