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Adolescence is a phase of life in which you most adoration and love. But, this is the same phase where children suffer with various dental problems. As a matter of fact, every child look cute and the cuteness go high when they smile with a beautifully lined up teeth. Sometimes as a result of food they eat like chocolates, cool drinks, ice cream & junk food their teeth gets attacked by various dental problems. Thus dentists say parents have to shut them down at initial stage as there is no go. In children, the origination of milk teeth starts at sixth month and ends within 3-4 years whereas the permanent teeth which starts when child has six year.

Common Dental problems in children
Adolescence Common Issues

Here are 5 common dental problems faced during adolescence

Baby bottle Tooth decaying:

Baby bottle teeth decay occurs when precipitate of sweetened liquids or any sugary foods like cool drinks, chocolates, sweets, fruits etc sticks to a child’s teeth for a great deal of time. Microbes in mouth increase on this sugar and make acids that hit the teeth. At danger are children whose popsicles are often filled in sugar, says dentists. They also add that feeding children with drinks containing sugars especially, during nights is harmful as it can reduce the saliva production during sleep.

Spaced teeth

In lots of cases, Since the permanent teeth blow up into the mouth, there will be a gap amid the upper front teeth and this is well thought-out quite usual as it is frequently witnessed in most children. Generally, if midline diastema which is the gap between front two teeth is small(less than 2mm), then it gets covered by itself with the eruption of upper canines in the mouth whereas the probability of the gap to cover will be less when the size of midline diastema is on par 2mm. Most children have gap between front two teeth and this will spoil the beauty of their smile.

Uneven teeth

In some children, both primary teeth and permanent teeth can erupt in same time or they can become warped which is referred as mixed dentition period. So, during this condition sometimes primary teeth get into deformed positions as they cannot fit in the gum along with permanent teeth. Long-drawn-out habits to suck thumb and hereditary can also pose to uneven teeth. You don’t need to worry with your child’s uneven teeth because if primary teeth grow in packed jointly, the permanent teeth may be crowded too.

Misaligned Jaw line

It is a state of affair where the teeth in children are not properly aligned and this is also called malocclusion. In greater detail, it is the variance between the dimensions of upper and lower jaw lines resulting in jam packed teeth.  Thumb sucking, tongue thrusting & hereditary are taken as the most common factors that triggers misaligned jaws.

Thumb sucking

Reflexively holding the thumb in the mouth doesn’t characteristically cause harm, whereas vigorous thumb sucking can trigger damage to primary teeth, though this usually set rights itself as the permanent teeth touchdown. Constant thumb sucking can sometimes cause disposition of your ward’s permanent teeth and affect the jaw or the shape and palate. Thumb sucking may also effects your lad to dirt, microbes, and viruses

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