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Mostly people believe that smoking will have its effect on general health but, it also affects ones oral health in equal measure. What smoking does is it lowers your immune system and it also lessens your white blood cell count which is responsible for safeguarding your teeth and fight with bacteria.

Hypothetically, if you are a heavy smoker then you are more disposed to gum disease and tooth decay owing to the fact that you’re not generating enough white blood cells and it’s not fighting back with bacteria and plaque in your mouth. Not just that deficiency of oxygen in your bloodstream, leading to the infected gums not being able to settle. Smoking causes gum disease to develop faster than in non-smokers. Gum disease is the most wise spread cause of tooth loss in adults.

Predominantly, blemished teeth and tongue, gum discoloration, bad breath, a damage of taste, changes in the appearance of palate (roof of mouth) and smell are perceptible effects of smoking on teeth. Over and above, smoking can also effect or deteriorate gum disease (also referred as periodontal disease) and increase your danger of mouth and lip cancer

People usually have this perception that smoking causes lung cancer. But smoking stood as the prominent cause of mouth cancer. The chance of dying from mouth and throat cancer is more than ten times in all probability in male smokers and five times in female smokers over non-smokers.

In accordance to some reports, only half of the people who are prone to mouth cancer will remain alive five years later. So always remember if you observe any puff, stained patch, ulcer or sore on the mouth or tongue immediately rush out to a dentist and get it tested. If explained in detail, a smoker has twice the risk for gum disease compared with a non-smoker. And the higher amount of cigarettes you smoke, the higher your probability for gum disease.

Signs that affect your teeth
Signs That Effects Of Smoking On Teeth

These are some of the signs that say effects of smoking on Teeth:

  • Stained teeth– the particles present in the tobacco will get attached to the minuscule pores of the enamel of teeth and gets so hard that they become to remove
  • Bad Breath– This is one such effect you can find out in every list about effects of smoking on teeth.
  • Higher risk of oral cancer
  • Loss of teeth
  • Gum Disease
  • Lesser ability to Taste and Smell
  • Decreased production of saliva on the mouth and supply of blood.
  • More plaque and tartar builds up.
  • Prolonged healing resulting dental extractions and other oral surgery


  • Regularly brush and floss your teeth.
  • Quit smoking to reduce gum disease.
  • Get regular dental check-up’s

Well, if you witness any of the above mentioned signs in your teeth. Call us to 8800644744 and schedule your Appointment with Best Dentist Near you and get appropriate treatment for healthy teeth.

“Quit Smoking for a Healthy Teeth”



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