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There is no such thing you need to move on in your life with missing teeth. We are living in a generation where many good substitutes are on hand in dentistry. Dental implants and dentures are the most common substitutes for missing teeth. 

Before anything, firstly let us take a look at dental implants and dentures separately for a better judgment. Dentures are basically artificial teeth which are positioned on an acrylic plate within your mouth and these wrap your gums along with the bone.

There are various types of dentures accessible, if you have one or few missing teeth, then you could do with a partial denture where only lost teeth will be replaced or if all your teeth in one are jaw went missing, and then you are required to get a complete denture. Usually, you can see complete dentures in aged people.

Implant is a screw like object made of titanium which is biocompatible and it won’t destruct any oral tissues and doesn’t lead to any allergies. Dental implants are on hand in various types single unit implant or it can be multiple implants. Moreover implant systems are made available these days like all on 4 or all on 6 which is 4 implants are places on your arch and enclosed with a hybrid denture.

Dental Dentures V/S Dental Implants
What To Choose Among Denture Vs Dental Implants

Most people supposed to have this feeling that they like to remove denture, clean it and attach it back again, simply they feel it like a tough process.  Whereas, an implant will require a surgery and some people are off as well as doubtful about it. Such people can go for dentures as they are non-surgical and gainful.

But remember there are many drawbacks with dentures starting with more bone loss. As over the years you start losing bone which gives a withered cheek due to the dentures.

  • Cause infections as a lot of bacteria get accommodated between the denture and oral tissues which can pose to inflammation & irritability.
  • Effects your speech and taste sensations as the upper denture will cover up the roof of the mouth where you have taste buds.
  • Sometime a denture can come out when you open your mouth wide.
  • Should avoid sticky and hard food items
  • Need to reform your food choices

When it comes to implants it would definitely make a permanent solution for your problem. The benefits of implants is

  • They tend to bind with the bone which is referred as osseointegration and what is does is it stimulates the bone to form and lasts much longer.
  • No diet restrictions, you can eat anything you need.

Indeed, most people with dental implants say that they feel much natural as they can eat anything and their look is natural. There are no such disadvantages with implants except the lengthy healing period.

But implants are not recommended when you have irrepressible diabetes and hypertension or weak heart, cancer patients where surgery is not optional.

Well, if you need more load out over Dentures and dental implants, then call us at 8800644744 to plan your Appointment with Best Dentist in your proximity.



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