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Do you want to know the concerns of Honey for Diabetics?

Here are the best points about the goodness of honey penned down for you and if you have any questions regarding replacing honey in your diet this blog speaks to you more. While it is dripping from the comb and tempting for the taste it is good to go down the lines.

Honey can be named as a natural sweetener which is loaded with calories, carbohydrates, Antioxidants, Minerals, and Vitamins.

Where does honey come from?

Nectar is drawn by the honeybees from the flower which contains pollen wax and is slimy. The flower nectar is stored in the honeycomb which eventually starts getting evaporated and becomes a thick condensed liquid. At this stage, it is called Raw honey. This is later processed, filtered and made for the domestic use. 90% of the honey that is available in the market is processed which is heated and filtered.

Why Honey and not Sugar?

Though honey contains larger calories in a tablespoon than sugar the Glycemic index is lower. Glycemic Index is a particular reading that helps us know how much a particular food increases the blood sugar level

Studies also revealed that Honey enhances the secretion of insulin and reduces blood sugar levels. The secretion of insulin balances and brings down the glucose level in the blood decreases the fasting serum glucose, stabilizes the glucose levels during fasting and decreases the glucose levels postprandial.

Studies also revealed that Type 2 Diabetics also experienced lowering Cholesterol levels after a long term consumption of honey.

Other health benefits of Honey

Honey has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

It also helps in reducing the inflammatory process in the body caused due to diabetes.

Honey is loaded with antioxidants and helps in fighting the disease.

It’s a natural substance which is devoid of chemicals, unlike sugar.

Note: It is advised that cautious consumption of honey while replacing sugar is to be seriously monitored for the positive and beneficial effects.



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