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ENT specialist is a Doctor specialized in Ear, nose and throat related disorders. They are responsible for treating your infection, disorders and other symptoms related to these parts of the body. If you are still wondering when is the right time to visit an ENT specialist nearby, here are the signs you should look out for:

Recurrent or Chronic Sinusitis:

Sinus is often mistaken by the common cold. However, if you have running nose along with pain in nostrils for a prolonged period, you should take an appointment with an ENT specialist. The sinus can differ from a common cold on the basis of the following symptoms: Headache, dental pain, fever, difficulty smelling, blurred vision, tooth pain, etc.

Hearing Loss:

Is your hearing suddenly declined? Is your hearing ability affecting your day to day conversations? High chances that you have been exposed to loud noises and have affected hearing capacity. See an ENT doctor as early as possible as hearing capacity can be treated initially to a significant extent. An ENT specialist will carry some tests to provide you with the best treatment possible. Modern hearing aids are also comfortable these days and are comfortable.

Constant Ear Infection:

Ear infections are relatively common in children. But if you are an adult with constant trouble of ear infection, it is advisable to see your ENT Doctor. Recurrent Ear Infections are the cause of a greater underlying issue and an ENT doctor is the best to treat you through.


Most commonly known as ringing in the ear. The patient of Tinnitus often hears noises and sounds, even when there is no external sound. If you hear the sound continuously for a prolonged period of time, seek advice from an ENT Doctor nearby.

Chronic Sore Throat:

A sore throat is common when you have a cough or cold. But if it is persistent for long and causes difficulty, seeing an ENT doctor is a good idea. The underlying cause might be causing the symptoms and could be severe.

ENT Doctors diagnose and treat the conditions related to ear, nose and throat which are prolonged for a certain time period. Book an appointment with Red Heal to connect with the best ENT specialists in the city.



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