5 Things You Need to Know About Contact Lens Hygiene

Contact lens is the easiest form of vision correction! Just slip it in your eye and it stays intact for hours. Not to mention without causing the un-comfort that comes with setting spectacles right!

But here is the catch with contact lens! People who don’t follow proper hygienic conditions of wearing contact lenses tend to get more eye infection thus damaging eyes. The only thing with wearing contact lenses is to take care of the hygiene at the utmost level. Major eye companies also came up with contact lens solutions, following all the necessary medical protocols. It is recommended to use the sanitized contact lens with contact lens solutions as bacteria can buildup while handling and wearing or storing the lenses.

Here are 5 smart hygiene tips for your contact lens:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching your contact lens or putting your finger near the eye. Do not ever touch the lens with uncleaned hands.
  • Keeping your contact lens storage solution fresh by changing it everyday. Throw the old solution before filling the case with the new one.
  • Store your contact lenses in a clean covered lens case.
  • Never use water, saliva or any other lubricant to clean your lenses. This is a sure-fit route for an eye infection. You contact lens solution is enough to clean the lenses. Never rub the surface of your lens with any solution. Just pour the solution on the lens surface.
  • Lubricate your eye before wearing the lens with lens compatible eye drops. Consult an eye doctor before using any kind of eye drop.

We try our best to keep you informed about the best practices in self-care. However, if you still think you have an eye infection or any eye irritation while wearing contact lens, consult an eye specialist. Remove your contacts immediately as a precaution and wear spectacles till your Doctor prescribes for contact lens again. Take your lenses, contact lens solution bottle and storage case to the Doctor. We at Red heal also provide online consultation with the eye specialist. A detailed analysis is done for the underlying medical condition and provides the best solution possible. Feel free to contact and book an appointment with eye specialist 24×7 at Redheal.

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