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Did you know that keratitis (cornea inflammation), a common eye infection is on the rise in people wearing contact lens?

Well, fret not. Keratitis is not caused due to wearing contact lens per se but is caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites that enter the eye due to poor hygiene.

To add more weight to it, according to a survey, over 95% of the respondents who used contact lens, reported of at least one behavioral trait or sign that puts them at risk of getting an eye infection.

All of that is due to poor contact lens hygiene.

Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses as they are used for the same purpose, minus the discomfort and the change in appearance.

However, if you do not know how to use a contact lens or to maintain its hygiene, you are doing more harm to yourself than good. So, in this article, let us look at the 5 important things you need to know about contact lens hygiene.

1. Wash your hands before putting on your contact lens

Washing hands is obvious when the article itself is about hygiene, although about contact lens hygiene.

Do remember to wash your hands with a mild soap while putting on or removing your contact lens.

You need to follow this especially if your hands come in contact with oil, lotion, or perfume. This stuff gets onto your hands and forms a film, which will then get transferred to the contact lens if you do not wash your hands.

Eventually, this will irritate your eye, or worse, start an infection. And, do not forget to dry your hands with a clean towel after washing.

2. Follow instructions

One of the common causes of poor contact lens hygiene is due to the negligence of not following the instructions.

Remember the schedule your doctor has given you for wearing and replacing the lenses and stick to it.

Following the directions which your eye doctor has mentioned and also the manufacturer provides is the right procedure. Some other important instructions you need to follow is to remember to remove the contact lenses before sleeping or getting into any activity that involves water, as the lenses and water do not go hand in hand.

3. Rub and rinse for clean lenses

While washing your hands are important, it is even more important that you know the proper method to clean your lenses which goes in your eyes.

One of the effective methods is to rub and rinse the lenses in the solution.

Take the lenses in your palm, douse them with a generous amount of the cleaning solution that comes with the contact lens, and gently rinse with your fingers to clean them.

Make sure you do not use any other liquid like saline solution or water to clean it.

And always remember to use a fresh solution instead of reusing the old solution for cleaning and disinfecting the lenses.

4. Care for a contact lens case

Ensure the contact lens case is clean as it is equally important as keeping your hands and the lenses clean.

Make sure you clean the case with a sterile cleaning solution every day and keep the lids open to air dry. Do not reuse the solution from the previous day. The cases must be replaced every 3 months or as soon as they get damaged.

5. Do not ignore warning signs

No matter how effectively you ensure the cleanliness of the lenses and take precautions to maintain hygiene, there might still be other factors that may be a reason to affect your eyes.

So, look out for signs or symptoms that show that your eyes might be infected or are giving out warning signals like blurriness, redness, light sensitivity, or even pain.

The general rule is, if the symptoms persist even after 24 hours, you need to have your eyes checked with an ophthalmologist or optometrist as soon as possible.

Negligence in the case of contact lenses may result in scarring and even reduced vision. However, getting it checked by a professional promptly can provide you a comfortable and long-term benefit.

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  • Afton Jackson, July 6, 2020 @ 7:30 am Reply

    Thank you for your advice on how to avoid eye infection by only using the prescribed contact lens solution. I’ve wanted to prepare for my first purchase of contact lenses and I’ve regularly heard stories of other users experiencing irritation when using them so I thought that this would be a regular thing, turns out as long as I follow the proper instructions this can be avoided. I’ll be sure to follow your tips and more when going to an optometrist to get lenses for myself.

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