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For all the right reasons it has always been said to keep kids away from digital devices! But when the world today is all digitized, it is hard to keep them stay away. But while your kids are high on the digital devices, there could be consequences to it! One of them is computer vision syndrome in children.

Risks associated with Digital Screens

Significant hours in front of the computer screen can lead to the problem of nearsightedness in children, also known as myopia. The high-frequency blue light emitted through digital devices contributes to CVS symptoms (Computer vision syndrome). This causes stress on the retina over time and leads to macular degeneration which happens with increased age. Computer vision syndrome in children can be categorized as severe strain on eyes feeling along with headaches and fatigue-related discomfort. It can also lead to comfortless posture and neck strains.

What to Do About Computer Vision Syndrome

First and foremost, if your kid complaint with any of the above symptoms, schedule an eye exam! An eye specialist consultation is needed at this point of time. However, necessary precautions can be taken to avoid this.

  • Frequent Eye Breaks: Follow the 20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of staring at the screen, take a 20-seconds break. Look at something at least 20 feet away. This relaxes your eye muscles and fatigue to your eyes. Thus, not giving the headache due to strain.
  • Stretch: Get up from the desk and stretch. A yoga pose or stretching not only is good for physical health but also relieve muscle tension in the eye, neck and head. It takes away the overall discomfort and increases the blood flow in the body.
  • Outdoors: Green scenery is always a treat to the eyes! Spending more time outside will relieve the underlying eye strain and tension associated with CVS. It also decreases the risk of having myopia.

And our last tip is to ask, ask and ask more to the eye specialist. If your child complaint anything related to eye or underlying disorder then without any second thought, consult an eye specialist. It’s better to consult a doctor at an early stage. Proper eye treatment can decrease your child’s discomfort and exposure to blue light. If you are confused about a specialist eye doctor for children, feel free to contact us at 8800644744. We will help you fix an appointment with the best eye specialist for children in Hyderabad.



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