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What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a chronic disease and can possibly leads to blindness if not detected in its early stages. It is always the pressure that builds up within your eye that damages the optic nerves which is responsible to transmit signals from brain to eye. The optic nerve in our eye is a unification of over 1 million nerve fibres which connects to brain. It is obvious that for a healthy vision you need a healthy optic nerve.

When glaucoma beings it doesn’t have any symptoms. So that’s why it is very crucial for everybody aging above 40 years to consult an ophthalmologist on a regular basis to seek eye examination in order to find out whether the pressure within the eye is high, because high pressure within the eye can damage the optic nerve which transmits signal from eye to brain.

In the out front of the eye there is a space called the anterior chamber. A transparent fluid flows constantly back and forth of the chamber and nurtures tissues around it. The fluid goes out of the chamber at the open angle which is cornea and iris meeting point. The moment fluid reaches the open angle, it transfers through a soft meshwork like a ditch and leaves the eye. As the fluid piles up, the pressure within the eyes grows and reaches that level which can damage optic nerve. So when the nerve gets damaged due to increased pressure, open angle glaucoma, you may lose vision. This just goes to prove that regulating pressure in the eye is quite essential to prevent loss of vision. In addition to this, high blood pressure can also damage optic nerve, so make sure that your blood pressure level in normal.

Conditions when you’re more likely to be effected by glaucoma:

  • As a matter of fact, people whose age is more than 40 years, but sometimes adolescents, youngster will also have it.
  • One can be affected with glaucoma when somebody in their family had it (hierarchy).
  • People with diabetes are more susceptible to have it
  • If you have high blood pressure.
  • If the pressure within your eye is in higher levels.
  • When the person has eye sight be it near or far
  • If the cornea is thinner than usual.

Glaucoma symptoms you might experience:

  • Redness in eye
  • You might feel pain in the same side of the eye.
  • Widened Pupil
  • Feeling of nausea and vomiting sensation
  • Indistinct vision
  • A feeling of vision getting narrowed
  • You can see halos while looking into the light

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