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Parents usually have this dilemma of whether to replace their children spectacles with a lens or not for better comfort. Also, Kids in sports, find more comfort in wearing contact lenses rather than spectacles. But how safe are contact lenses for your child? Are they even supposed to wear? Our eye specialist at Red heal is here to answer all your queries.

Physically, a child’s eye can have vision correction with contact lens under the age of 18. Having said that, we rest assure medically, using a contact lens for the kids is a good go. However, the question here is of the maturity to handle the lenses. Children under the age of 18 usually suffer from near-sightedness. If not spectacles, they can be provided with daily contact lenses with a one-day disposable timeline. Take care of how they handle their contact lens. Teach them for initial few days if needed. Teach him good grooming habits and ask him to keep his hands clean whenever applying or removing the contact lenses. You can read the safe contact lens handling techniques here. Remind them frequently to keep the contact lens case and surroundings clean.

The contact lens for Sports:

Contact lenses are an excellent choice over glasses.

On a first note, contact lens takes away your fear of glasses breaking and un-comfort your kid has to go through while playing. While the fame breaking can cause eye injury, fogging of glasses could be another issue that comes with wearing sports eyeglass. The peripheral vision correction with the contact lens helps your child react faster in the game movement and give them a wide-angle vision. Contact lenses are also stable on eyes and do not slip like eyeglasses. Clear vision improves their performance in the sports also leading to a boost in overall self-esteem.

We at RedHeal, try our best to keep you informed about the best practices in self-care. However, if you still think you have more questions about the use of a contact lens in your kids, it is best to consult an eye specialist. Our suggestion is to not adopt any new practice without the consultation of the eye Doctor. A detailed analysis is to be done for the underlying medical condition in the Kids so as to provide the best solution. At RedHeal, we connect you with the Best Eye Specialist in Hyderabad. Feel free to contact and book an appointment with eye specialist 24×7.



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