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“Have a Lasik Surgery to remove those glasses.”

Haven’t we all heard the phrase at least once from our eye doctor, near ones or people in general?

But how well do you know in and out details related to Lasik surgery?

“Lasik”, a short form for, Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis. It is the most commonly performed eye surgery for hypermetropia, myopia and astigmatism. Through Lasik, the cornea is reshaped so that the light entering the eye is focused on creating a clear image on the retina.

Lasik eye surgery is usually pain-free and can be performed in as little time as of 15 minutes. The result – improved vision with cutting down the need for glasses. The vision gradually becomes more clear over time.

Know About Lasik Surgery:

The eye surgeon creates a thin and superficial flap on the cornea with a tool known as a microkeratome. The hinged flap is then folded back to reach the underlying cornea thus removing few corneal tissues using an excimer laser. The Excimer lasers are an ultraviolet light bean that help removes the microscopic tissue from the cornea to reshape it and make light enter properly for an improved vision. For nearsightedness disorder, the aim is to flatten the shape of the cornea.

Once the laser beam reshapes the cornea, the flap is set back in place, thus covering the area from where the corneal tissue was removed. The flap act as sealing to the underlying cornea.

Post-surgery, Lasik requires only anaesthetic drops and no stitches or bandages.

Things to keep in check before going for a Lasik Surgery:

A thorough eye exam is performed by your eye doctor to ensure your eyes are healthy and could undergo surgery. The evaluation takes into account – thickness and the shape of the cornea, refractive errors, pupil size, and other eye conditions. The tear eye film is also evaluated to avoid the risk of dry eye after Lasik.

After Lasik Surgery: A little burning and itching sensation is usual after the Lasik eye surgery. It is best advised by the doctors to take rest post Lasik. The vision remains blurry for a few hours and clarity improves in a span of 24 hours. The eyesight continues to improve within a few days.

Lasik Eye Surgery: For a clear vision

Most people achieve 6/6 vision post Lasik Surgery. While the post Lasik requires a bit of attention on terms of eye care, prescription lenses with anti relative coating can be used for night driving. For sunlight sensitivity, photo-chromatic lenses can be used.

While Lasik surgery has a high success rate among the mass, it is advisable to Consult your Eye Doctor or Surgeon for the best. To Consult a Best Eye Doctor call us at 8800644744



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