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Discomfort and pain sensation around the eye is for real and many of us have experienced it! The eye pain can be in both the eyes or in one of the eye, being, bilateral or unilateral. To increase further complexity the severity of eye pain does not indicate the underlying discomfort. It could be because of straining or some serious eye condition, including, cataract, macular degeneration or diabetic eye disease.

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As pointed earlier, a painful eye can accompany various symptoms along with the discomfort. It is best to refer to your nearest eye Doctor for the correct Eye Treatment. Some of the usual eye symptoms include:

Following are the common cause of eye pain on the surface of the eye:

  1. Presence of the foreign body: The foreign body embeds and adheres to the surface of the cornea, causing sensation and discomfort. Blurred vision and sensitivity are the common symptoms attached to this.
  2. Scratched Cornea: The symptoms are marked by – watery eye and light sensitivity. The superficial corneal scratches are common and heal by itself in 24 hours. However, the deeper abrasions can lead to serious eye infection if left untreated.
  3. Dry Eyes: Another very common discomfort is a dry eye which at times also lead to corneal abrasions. Using lubricating eye drop helps treat the dry eye. But it is advisable to refer the Doctor nearby for further Consultation.

Cause of Pain Behind the eye :

The common cause of pain at the back of the eye (and close to the head) is Sinus and migraine. The pain behind the eye is usually a severe one and required immediate attention of an Eye Doctor

In general, see an eye doctor immediately if you have a painful eye, blurred vision, eye injury, redness, or discharge from the eye. Don’t take chances and determine the exact cause of pain to get the Best Treatment. 

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