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It’s not always that you foresee the trouble! Be it you are out on a trek, or travelling somewhere or just crashing on your couch at home, it is always wise to carry a spare pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Here are a few reasons and situations where a spare pair of glasses is much needed:

  • Accidents: We know accidents are named because of unexpected trouble! You may crush the glasses while sitting on the sofa or while playing along with a toddler. Since accidents come uninvited, it is better to keep a spare pair of glasses so that you don’t have to rush to the shop immediately if something happens.
  • Activities: Keeping a pair of extra glasses while indulging into outdoor activities is a wise decision. A pair of reading glasses is ideal for a reader or someone into reading activities for the day. A pair of computer glasses is more ideal instead of everyday glasses. A pair of sports glasses is a good substitute for your regular glass.
  • Travel: Be it a romantic getaway or a leisure trip, besides packing tons of clothes, make sure you also carry an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses. If you get into problems with contact lenses, say eye infection, an eyeglass could be a good replacement. Similarly, a daily disposable contact lens could be a good option while travelling. 

As an eyeglass wearer, you never get to know when an accident might happen or your glasses fall off and break or your contact lens catch dust to cause you an eye infection. It’s always advisable to carry an extra pair to avoid unexpected trouble. Also, to be at the safe side, it is better to carry an extra pair of both, eyeglasses and contact lens. As in the case of eye infection, the eyeglasses play the best role. And if you have plans to take a dip into the water, well, nothing works better than contact lens topped with the water glasses. 

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