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The sales on hand sanitizers are all-time high! People want to take all the precautions to save themselves from the CoVID-19. Hand sanitizers are one way to keep self-safe with the germs. But while you are now used to frequently use a hand sanitizer, you must also be sure about its effect. We informed you in the previous article about how and when to use the alcohol-based sanitizers. But it is always good to be over-informed than under-informed. So here are our experts to tell you about the risk associated with the use of alcohol-based sanitizers.

People with dry hands have concerns about if sanitizers can cause more dry hands or any skin infection. Modern alcohol rubs are pretty safe and made in a manner that contains skin softeners. Hence, not developing skin irritation and dryness as soaps and water usually do. Although the alcohol-based sanitizers sting when it touches the wound/cut. Hence, you might want to be extra safe for that. If you feel any irritation in the skin while applying sanitizers, you may book an Online Consultation with a Dermatologist at redheal.

Does drinking alcohol-based sanitizer kill the internal germs?

A big no! There have been some patients that are reported in the US and UK to drink alcohol-based sanitizers. Drinking sanitizers can cause alcohol poisoning in adults and kids. Kids get attracted towards the packaging and hence tend to pick the bottle for drinking. Hand sanitizers contain 62% ethyl alcohol which is equal to 4 vodka shots! And hence even a small dose can be dangerous and can lead to headache, dizziness, slurred speech and brain damage.

Hand sanitizer and fire hazard

The high volume of alcohol in sanitizers makes it prone to fire and puts in the category of highly flammable substance. It should be kept in cold temperature, away from gas, electricity or anything that can catch fire. If you accidentally spill the liquid in sanitizer bottle, it is advised to wipe it off immediately. Do not let it come in contact with an oxidizing agent and make sure children use it only in the supervision of adults. For Kids, you can also opt for alcohol-free sanitizers. These are less risky and are known to have effective properties.

If you are using sanitizer at home or office, make sure you store it at a proper place and be aware of the max to prevent any associated miss-happening. Familiarize yourself with the components present and the pros and cons associated with it. Follow the recommended procedure to use so as to minimize the risk. If you still have any associated query or concerns, feel free to reach us. We assure you to connect with the experts in the field and guide you to the best.



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