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Are you worried about your child’s unusual behavior? Do you suspect whether it can be ASD? What is ASD or Autism?

Autism is referred to as a neuro progressive infirmity that is considered by obstinate insufficiencies in social communication and interaction across various contexts and being unable to maintain relationships. As per the surveys run by CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention), every 1 in 59 children (1 in 37 boys and 1 in 151 girls) are being affected by autism. Surprisingly boys are more in the cards with autism than girls.

As a matter of fact, autism is spotted as quickly as age 2, but there are some evidence which proves that still children above age 4 are being diagnosed. Many studies prove that early prediction can actually help a lot in improving the learning, communication and social skills alongside brain and neural development. The worst part is the autism also brings some other challenges to kids like low Intelligence quotient.

As per the sources, more than 31% of children with ASD hold intelligent disability which is really hard to believe. It is obvious that living in a society as we have around, almost two-thirds of the ASD suffering kids are being browbeaten. Sometimes, ASD cases can be so severe that, some kids will have a self-detrimental behavior like hand biting, banging head to the wall, hitting the walls and scratching their skin.

ASD also causes the ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to almost 30 to 61 percent of kids which includes late reaction, being absent minded. ASD also causes chronic sleeping disorder in kids which will eventually affect their organic functioning. Not just that, anxiety disorders and making kids feel depressed are some of the major impacts of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ASD will also cause mental illness in the children and make them miss the touch sensitivity which is called Schizophrenia and alongside it will also make the children around 2- 5-year-olds obese. Autism is also developed in adults.

To top it all, ABA (Applied Behavior analysis) is the most frequently used therapies for autism. In addition to that speech and working therapies can also help in developing kid’s communicational and social behavior.

Causes for Autism Spectrum disorder-

There is no such evidence to prove the causes for autism, as many types of research managed to find a single cause for autism. Many sources have settled that autism is not caused by any vaccines. Some doctors say autism is caused by genetic and non-genetic, or environmental, influences. Let us understand some doubted factors for autism,

  • In most cases, genetics play a prominent role in autism.
  • The child being born to aged parents has a higher probability of autism.
  • Being born with low weight
  • A serial attack of viral infection which causes fever can also cause autism.
  • If parents whose first child has autism spectrum disorder have a probability of having a second child with the same ASD.
  • There are some studies which have proved that amid identical twins if one child has autism, the will have the chance of 36 to 95 percent to develop autism. Whereas in non- identical twins, if one child has autism then the other is affected about 31 percent of the time.
  • Complications during pregnancy like low birth weight, prematurity, manifold pregnancies (twins or triplets in one delivery) can also be a factor to develop autism in the child.
  • There are many sources which can prove that the autism leans towards running in the families.
Causes for Autism Disorder
                       Autism causes

Symptoms of Autisms:

Autism usually developed at an early age in the children which will be a challenge for every parent to predict the autism symptoms. The staple symptoms of autism are social communication challenges, restrictive and repetitive behavior. The symptoms of autism are almost same in both adults and children but they may vary according to age.

The autism can make both kids and adults unable to make use of or understand the oral and non-verbal signs of communication like

  • Learning to talk much comparatively late than others of the same age.
  • Unable to maintain Eye- contact.
  • Spoken language- They feel it difficult to run empathy with others.
  • Facial terminologies.
  • Quality of voice.
  • Self-abusive behavior which means injuring themselves with actions including banging head, forcibly scratching their skin, biting themselves, etc.
  • In the early age, majorly in babies, the symptoms would be like overly focused on one single item, less eye contact.
  • Getting aggressive easily.
  • Some additional autism is failing to recognize the sensations and purposes of others and their own ones too. In fact, they can’t even express their feeling.
Signs Of Autisms In Child
autism symptoms

As per the surveys, there is no prescribed treatment for curing autism, but there are some therapies used to bring the suffering back to normal. Some of the therapies involve touch therapy, play therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and even doctors sometimes prescribe a high dosage of vitamins, chelation therapy.

In spite of the medications and therapies, parents can follow certain remedies at home to reduce the ASD. There is no certain evidence to prove that autism can be reduced by giving a nutritious and healthy diet to the ward, but some surveys argue that a clean diet with essential vitamin can support the child in reducing the autism. The diet should be enriched with whole foods like fish, more water, lean poultry, green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Precautions for Autism:

– Make your ward eat foods that make him sleep well like foods with melatonin.

– Reduce the intake of sugary and processed foods.

– Use fish oil and enhancements of magnesium.

– Use turmeric in foods which have the tendency to reduce autism.

– Eat foods with vitamin D and vitamin c which can bring the children out of the illnesses caused by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

– Use probiotics which can generate the growth and generation of healthy bacteria in the paunch.

autism,autismautism in children
autism spectrum disorder treatment

If you witness any of the signs in your ward and want to give him the best therapy to reduce the autism, call us to know the Best Doctor in your proximity to give a better quality of life to your child.



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