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What do you know about cholesterol? Most of us have misconceptions about it. Know the reality behind this chronic disease. Do you think that skinny people don’t have cholesterol? Do you think only obese people are prone to cholesterol? If this is what you think, then wake up. It’s a myth. Know the truth. Wondering knowing about Cholesterol in thin people?

Yes, Cholesterol in thin people is not a myth

It is commonly seen that obesity leads to high cholesterol. But, don’t assume that thin people will never have cholesterol. While overweight people have high chances of cholesterol,  even thin buddies have equal chances of it. Cholesterol depends on body type and lifestyle. The one who doesn’t gain weight is commonly not aware of the cholesterol effects until it is too late. So, these people eat whatever they like to eat and think that their heart is healthy. It’s just a myth.

Cholesterol symptoms

Most of the times, cholesterol doesn’t have any symptoms. However, it only creates emergency situations. So you need to have a little knowledge about it.

Causes of Cholesterol

There are different factors that cause cholesterol. The causes include

Cholesterol in thin people
            The Skinny On Cholesterol

Talk to a doctor

High cholesterol can lead to chronic illness. You need to check cholesterol in every regular interval to avoid the complications. The cholesterol complications include

  • Chest pain
  • Heart attack
  • Heart stroke
  • Increase in blood pressure

Regardless of your height and weight, go Talk to a Doctor and check your cholesterol levels. Don’t neglect. You can Call us and take a Free Doctor Teleconsultation.

Cholesterol in thin people
              Thin Person Have Cholesterol


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