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Eating Disorders During Covid-19 Quarantine:

Quarantine life is tough! While we are not used to lockdown and we have talked about how it is affecting our mental health, here is more to it! Quarantine eating disorder is a new thing and most of us can already relate to it. Our appetite has increased and we are binge eating on snacks all day long. With minimal body movement, it is affecting our physical and mental health.

We at redheal totally understand that quarantine is a sudden call and have flipped your life upside down! Quarantine eating, which we also call as emotional/stress eating is an eating order to suppress the underlying emotions or stress. The lockdown is making us all undergo a number of emotions like anger, boredom, sadness, stress, loneliness, etc. All of these emotions are combined with us spending time at home and hence binge eating with paying more visits to the kitchen. With our nervous system on high alert mode, the stress hormone triggers the release of adrenaline and our body reacts to it by redirecting the blood flow to the brain, body muscles and heart. Thus giving false signals of food intake.

What we can do to avoid emotional eating disorder in quarantine?

  1. Indulge more into exercise and meditation. Since most of the eating is associated with brain hinting to eat and not actual hunger, controlling the brain could help big time in controlling the emotional eating.
  2. Adapt out of sight and out of mind approach! Skip the frequent trips to the kitchen and replace it with trips to the balcony. Do not purchase high-fat food, such as chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. Also, never go grocery shopping when you are empty stomach.
  3. Craving for something sweet? Replace your brownie and cake with a bowl of grapes or dark chocolate. With so many healthier recipes out there, you can easily make oat cookies or dark chocolate brownie or mousse cake.
  4. Ditch that guilt. Do not continue eating unhealthy just because you have had it for a day or two. Remember, you can always start from somewhere.
  5. Sleep better. One of the major reasons for overeating is lack of sleep. Less sleep affects cortisol balance in the body and reduces the insulin resistance, thus leading to food cravings. Make sure you have a good sleep of 7-9 hours.
  6. Include protein in every meal. Including lean protein helps control food craving big time! Make sure you intake good quality protein such as chicken breast, eggs, avocadoes, beans, etc. Greek yoghurt is also a good option for improved gut health and protein.
  7. Fiber for the better digestive system. A good mood is associated with good digestive health. And what can be best then loading your meals with enough fiber. Make sure half of your plate is full of fiber. Include more colors to your meals with more vegetables.

We at RedHeal always try our best to provide you with expert information. However, if you still feel you need expert consultancy over diet, we are here for you. Reach to us and book nutritionist online through our portal. The least we assure you is to connect you with the best nutritionist in Hyderabad.



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