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How do you Prefer Eating Almonds, Soaked or Roasted or Raw?

Almonds are the tree-based nuts and they are most preferred since they offer many health benefits. Vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, thiamine, vitamin B, vitamin E, and several other nutrients are present in almonds.

Be it savories or any dish, it looks unfinished and tastes lacking without almonds. Almonds not only add intellable taste and grandeur to your savories, instead, they also bring strength and good health. It is no surprise that almonds are usually suggested by nutritionists since they help in maintaining a strong and healthy lifestyle.

They can be consumed raw, faded, dry-roasted, and oil-roasted. It doesn’t matter how you eat them, the number of nutrients will remain the same and so the benefits.

As the world is growing so the preferences, hence people started adding much taste by through affix flavors like salted almonds, honey-roasted, chocolate almonds, and many other flavors. This will make the number of people who consume almonds since they can eat them in their preferred flavor. It is best to store almonds in a cool, dark, dry location.

There are many pieces of evidence which have proved that almonds will benefit the human body in numerous ways. One of the major benefits is that they will reduce heart diseases since it will lower cholesterol levels and exert antioxidants. Let us suppose that, one serving of almonds equals one ounce, about 23 almonds.

  • It is a calorie-high food but also nutrient-crowded with the mainstream of its fat being monounsaturated and one ounce gives about 165 calories, 6 grams protein, 14 grams fat, 6 grams carbohydrate, and 3 grams fiber. By looking at the above stats, it is pretty clear that almonds are definitely high in calories and you might assume that a high-calorie food can make you gain fat.
  • But it is not in the case of almonds, despite being calorie enriched, almonds will help you lose weight and bring down the risk of obesity since the fat and fiber content in it might make you feel filled and satisfied. Almonds provide healthy nutrients to the hair, hence the use of almond hair oil has phenomenally increased.

The nutrients present in almonds like Magnesium and Vitamin E will help in reducing the hair loss and strengthen the hair from roots. The Omega fatty3 acids present in almonds in enough mass will support the blood circulation in the body.

Well, speaking about the Vitamin E an antioxidant, Almonds contain moderately high levels of vitamin E, Indeed, they are considered as one of the best natural resources of vitamin E, mostly a recommended daily intake of 1 ounce almonds provides 37 percent Vitamin E.  In fact vitamin E not only safeguards the hair, but also reduces the risk of certain deadly diseases like cancers and heart diseases.

  • Essential oils and vitamin E needed for a good and moisturized skin are enriched in almonds. Hence, even today many nutritionists suggest people with dry skin to use almond oil as the unsaturated fats and polyphenols present in them will work as phenomenal skin conditioners.
  • Alongside treating the dry skin, almond oil also help improve your skin tone and complexion. Applying almond oil before you step out of your home will protect your skin from being damaged by sunlight and UV rays.
  • Almond oil also avoids scars, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Most of you must have heard this, “almonds will boost the memory” every time you hear from someone. Probably, this could be the reason behind many mothers feeding their lads at least 6-8 almonds(mostly soaked) every morning.
  • According to studies, almonds will enhance the acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter in the brain and boosts the memory. Indeed, almonds are also suggested to elderly people since they prevent diseases like amnesia.

Best Way to eat almonds, “Raw V/s Soaked”:

Consuming almonds raw or soaked might change the way it tastes, but the number of nutritional benefits they serve will mostly remain the same. But, some doctors say that soaked almonds benefit more than the raw almonds since they help in digestion due to secreted enzymes and they are very goods anti-oxidants.

Along with these factors, there is evidence which says that soaked almonds contain Vitamin B17 which will the prominent for curing cancer and they also suppress the growth of the tumor. Whatever the way you consume the almonds, it is sure that the nutritional benefits will not change and add 8-10 almonds in your diet to stay healthy.

Best Way to Eat Almonds:

We should definitely thank the contemporary technology since we have many ways around to make the almonds much tastier and healthier. In fact, different ways to eat almonds has increased their consumption. You can drink, eat, and chew almonds. Understand some of the best possible ways to eat almonds.

  • Almond Butter/ spread.
  • Roasted or salted almonds.
  • Almond Milk and almond yogurt.
  • Almond snack bars.
  • Soaked almonds.

Benefits of Almonds:

  • They help in weight loss
  • Helps in Digestion and maintaining a proper appetite.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.
  • Almonds prevent wrinkle and make you look younger to the age.
  • Vitamin e and vitamin b17 present in them helps in fighting cancer
  • They control the high blood pressure
  • They bring down glucose levels and maintain them.
  • They lessen the birth defects.
  • Almonds will boost your memory.
almonds benefits

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