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What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stone is not a vigorous or abnormal disease that happens in humans, as per the surveys, every one in ten is witnessing this affliction at some point of their life. It is such a circumstance which raises numerous doubts in us like, “What are kidney stones and what are they made out of?” “How do they form?” “What are the medical and home remedies I can follow to prevent them from having in the future? As the name denotes, the kidney stones are formed inside the kidneys. As a matter of fact, the Kidney is solely responsible for the blood purification in our body and flushing out the waste through urine. Indeed, kidneys make the urine. They are positioned on either side of the spine.

Stones are formed in a rigid and crystalline shape in the interiors of the kidney or in the urinary expanse. Urine in the human body is comprised of many salts and minerals if they present in the urine in high level, stones are formed. They are formed on certain substances fused together and hoard, end up forming into a stone. In spite of many minerals, excess calcium is the prime reason for stone formation in the kidneys. Kidney stones grow from a small size to larger ones. They don’t have a prescribed shape, indeed they are unshaped. This might come to you as a surprise; the heaviest kidney stone ever formed in a human body is 1kg by weight. Usually, people who suffer from kidney stones will feel intense pain while they urine as the stones pass through the urinary tract.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones:

We can pile up many kidney stones symptoms which include many noticed and unnoticed signs. The kidney stones lie inside the kidney without any motion and leave any sign of its existence until they enter into the ureter arena.  Here are some major indications of the kidney stones, which you have to consider high priority and Visit a Doctor as soon as possible to seek appropriate Medication,

  1. The kidney can swell if the stone blocks the free flow of urine out of the kidneys which results in severe pain in the rear and side areas of the lower back.
  2. A sense of extreme need to urinate.
  3. You urinate every so often than your usual routine.
  4. Haematuria, which means blood in the urine, is one of the major symptoms which deserve a major mention. The color of the secreted blood can be in different colors like sometimes it can be pink, red or brown.
  5. The urine will look churned up and smelly if you have kidney stones, whereas healthy urine looks clear and odorless. The smelly urine can be caused by the bacteria formed in the urinary tract.
  6. The amount of urine will be less as the large stones in the kidney get stuck and will not let the urine to go out completely.
  7. You often suffer from fever and cold as an infection in your kidney or any other part of your urinary tract. This indication needs serious consideration and it has to be Diagnosed by a Doctor immediately.

Grounds for Kidney stones:

Some major kidney stones cause,

– Kidney stones have to fixed cause as many factors can lead to their formation. Let’s figure out some of them,

– Kidney stones are formed when your urine has high amounts of minerals like calcium, oxalate and uric acid. In spite of that, your urine can lose the minerals that can prevent the substances from sticking together. Hence, it results in the formation of kidney stones.

– Hereditary can cause the kidney stones as if someone in your family be it your father or your mother, the viability for stone formation will be notably high. By any chance, if you already developed a stone in your kidney, then the risk of another stone formation will be high.

– Taking foods enriched in protein, sodium, and sugar can actually increase can support the stone formation in the kidneys. Specifically, the high-sodium diet can actually generate more calcium in your kidneys which as a result forms the stones.

– Obesity can be a cause for stone formation.

– Even chronic diarrhea can cause the changes in the behavior of your digestive process which disables the ability to assimilate the calcium and water which eventually results in the kidney stone formation.

– Supplements like antacids containing c-vitamin and calcium tablets etc. Better ensure that the supplements you take will not increase the risk of stone formation in your body.

Precautions you can follow to prevent kidney stones:

In spite of many medical advancements and top-notch treatments for kidney stones, we have to follow certain precautions to avoid stones and for healthy kidney maintenance.

Stay Hydrated

– As a matter of fact, it is highly essential to drink plenty of water to flush out the accumulated waste in the urinary tract. Water can thin the element that leads to stone formation. Strive to pass enough urine in a day which can automatically take out the stones along.

Low-sodium diet

High sodium proportion in your daily food intake can aim to kidney stone formation and enhances the calcium percentage in the urine. Thus reduce the sodium intake.

High citrus intake

Citrus enriched foods like lemon and water etc. as the citric acid content can bring down the possibilities of stone formation in the kidneys. In fact, it can break down the small stones at the beginning level.

Nutritious diet

A proper and healthy diet like vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products can prevent kidney stone formation. Make sure that your food contains required minerals and nutrients which can prevent the stones.

Avoid animal-based food 

Better reduce non–veg like red meat, organ meat which are ought to be the high purine foods and bound your sugar-augmented foods and beverages. Avoid smoking and drinking as it can increase the citric acid levels in the blood

Hence, if you witness any of the above-incorporated symptoms in your body, you definitely need Doctor Consultation for immediate Medication. Call us to fix an Appointment with a Nephrologist who can offer the Best Kidney Stones Treatment for your furtherance.



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