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The season is changing from summers to monsoon! And so is our body preparing self to adapt it. While monsoon is the easiest to catch flu, it could also be mistaken as symptoms of Corona. However, your running nose and sneezing is probably not corona and just flu. But how we know the difference?

In the series to make you more aware of the seasonal changes and stay healthy with nutritious diets, here are our medical experts at Red Heal to make you aware of the difference between Corona( Pandemic Flu), Seasonal flu and Common cold.

Onset of Coronavirus( Pandemic Flu): It is usually sudden with visible symptoms like dry cough, fever, fatigue and muscle ache.
Onset of Seasonal Flu: Usually an abrupt start with symptoms such as dry cough, fever, muscle ache, fatigue, sore throat and stuffy/running nose.
Common Cold: The symptoms appear gradually over days. The most common symptoms are running nose, sneezing ad sore throat.

While all three are different in terms of marking visible symptoms, the intensity and recovery period differs too. However, all three are airborne respiratory droplets and hence the spread needs to be taken care of with necessary hygiene conditions. The incubation period for coronavirus is 1-14 days and may increase up to 24 days. Coronavirus directly impact the respiratory function and hence cause shortness of breath with organ failure. The recovery time varies from 2-6 weeks. The incubation period for seasonal flu is 1-4 days and recovery vary from 1-2 week. It can be treated with cetirizine and a course of antibiotics on prescribed Doctor advice. The incubation period for common cold is 2-3 days with extreme rare complications. The recovery happens in a time period of 1 week. Antibiotics are preferred for the treatment.

While the above explains the major point of difference between CoVID-19 or Pandemic Flu and season flu or common cold, we completely understand if you have underlying concerns for self or for the people you care about. For any consultation, please feel free to reach us at 8800644744 and book an appointment with our specialist. You can also opt for online consultation as per your time convenience. We assure you to connect with the Best Doctors in Hyderabad.



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