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“In this Article read more about what is Laziness? Laziness Symptoms, Remedies to Overcome Laziness and How Laziness Impacts health.

Why are you so Lazy?

This is the most common thing people say when something is not being done. We usually don’t consider being lazy as a major problem, but it is highly essential to know the drawbacks of being lazy.

Laziness or indolence is cleared as the stoppage to do what you are supposed to do, even with having the ability to do it. It is a vice tendency that slowly sneaks in and starts to clutch you enslaved. It disrupts your life and stops you from getting to where you are made-up to be.

  • This state of affair is sometimes referred to as Lethargy which is can be an upshot of definite medical conditions or psychological issues like excess stress, anxiety, and even depression. What’s startling is that even babies and young children can be disposed to this.
  • At the beginning you feel as though you are having a deserved rest, then gradually you end up abiding and amusing laziness, finally, it fully sets in and grows to be a part of who you are. Most people don’t realize that depression, fear, or stress are some of the unseen causes of laziness. If you don’t take a well balanced and nutritious diet, you deny your body of the fuel that allows it to go.
  • When you are feeling too weak or shabby to get things done, laziness begins. A minor errand such as filing papers will tire you out so bad that you will need much rest to replenish the lost energy. At the end of the day, you will have very little to show for it.
  • It can even be a sign of the pressure build by our society’s fixation with success and achievement. We can figure out many issues that can cause laziness like worrying about success which is the fear about the probability of achieving the ways of their goals latently intimidating to others.
  •  Well, being Irresponsible is the major tend to be lazy. We can take people who hire others like nannies, gardeners, personal assistants to do tasks that they can do but don’t want to for instance. It’s obvious that “when you have everything done for you makes you lazy and put out of action.
  • If the person is able to carry out some activity that he ought to carry out but decided to don’t do because of the effort involved in it. Taking rest instead of doing any work or moving around comes under laziness.
  • Decreased level of motivation and negative thinking turns into over-stimulation or excessive impulses are the causes of laziness. Foods like white bread, baked goods, high caffeine drinks, syrup, and honey can also cause laziness.
  • When you are feeling too weak or shabby, distracted to get things done, laziness begins. A minor errand such as filing papers will tire you out so badly that you will need much rest to replenish the lost energy. At the end of the day, you will have very little to prove.

Symptoms of Laziness:

These are some of the signs witnessed in people who behave lazily:

  1. Mood swings: Lazy people will always fluctuate among their mood, they themselves will have no clue “How do they behave; sometimes, they stay happy or excited and sometimes they stay dull and low.
  2. Lazy people usually fix in their head to before start doing work but as time goes by they start we can see the delay in the work accomplishment and wait until the last minute.
  3. Lethargic people always look for a source to stick around with it all the time. For such people, Television and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc have turned out like a boon to make the most of their time in them.
  4. As soon as you start thinking about being fit, you start working out on it but never properly finish your workouts rather you stop in the middle or set your mind with signals like, “I have done enough workouts today” or “I can work out tomorrow as well?” “Let me take a nap”
  5. Lazy people always maintain a messy environment around them be it a workplace or at home.
  6. Since lethargic people do not invest much of their brain in thoughts, their thinking capacity gets reduced obviously.
  7. Lazy people always look tired and exhausted since they do not make many physical movements and their brains do not stay active all the time.
Laziness symptoms
Laziness Symptoms

Laziness related health issues

Laziness is not a physiological disorder but an issue of character. It makes you deeply sad, causes negative thinking, and results in serious health issues like coronary heart disease, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and mental illness. 

Laziness is mainly caused based on our genetics and Laziness combined with depression leads to severe disorders such as having problems with sleep, energy levels, or ability to concentrate, and poor diet.

Steps to overcome laziness

Here are some tips to help you get rid of laziness

1. Make your goals simple 

Setting unrealistic goals and not being able to reach them makes you burn out. Although not a true clinical diagnosis, the symptoms of burnout are recognized by medical professionals. Job burnout can cause a loss of interest and motivation, and a longing to escape.

Avoid overloading, set smaller, attainable goals that will get you where you want to be without overwhelming you along the way.

2. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect in everything

Perfectionism is on the rise and is having a psychological impact on everyone. Young people are now facing more competitive environments and more unrealistic expectations, which leads to an increase in depression and anxiety

3. Use positive rather than negative self-talk

Negative self-talk tells you that you’re a lazy person. You can stop your negative thinking and internal voice by practicing positive self-talk. Keep yourself motivated by saying “I’ll give my everything to make it happen.”

4. Create a plan of action

Planning how you will get can make it easier to get something easier. Before planning, be realistic about how much time, effort, and other factors are needed to reach your goal and create an action plan. Having a plan in mind will provide confidence and that can help even if you hit a hurdle along the way.

5. Use your own strengths

Take a moment and think about your strengths when setting goals or gearing up to tackle a task and try to apply them in different aspects of a task. Researchers concluded that focusing on strengths increases productivity in work and positive feelings.

6. Recognize the accomplishments you have done along the way

Tapping yourself on the back for a job well done can help and motivate you to keep going. Try to write down all of the accomplishments you did along the way, whether at work or home. It’s a great way to boost your confidence and bring positivity.

7. Avoid distractions

We all have our favorite things like scrolling through social media or playing online games we turn to when we’re just not feeling like doing a task.  Find some ways to make your distractions less accessible. This can be done by finding a quiet place to work, like the library or an empty room, or using some app to block sites that you scroll mindlessly when you are doing some task.

Laziness effects and remedies

Other Tips to overcome laziness with healthy living:

  1. Eat high-protein foods like Greek yoghurt, almonds, eggs, tuna
  2. Avoid sugary and high-fat foods
  3. Do regular exercise
  4. Manage stress
  5. Drink more water
  6. Quit smoking

Are you unable to get over the laziness although you are taking enough measures, well don’t worry….

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