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In spite of many health packages and full-body check-ups available in the market today, not everyone realizes the need for getting a full-body health check-up or understand how often to get one.

It wouldn’t be completely wrong if we compare our bodies to vehicles and machines, as it requires maintenance or service at a similar frequency to function at its full capacity. That being said, to understand the due time for when our body might go under repair or needs preventive measures, we need to get a full-body checkup at least once a year.

In this article let us understand why getting a Full-Body Health Check-up regularly is more important than you realize.

  • Makes a difference between cure and succumbing

One of the most important reasons to get a regular health check-up done is evidently to detect any early signs of life-threatening diseases like cancer. Early detection of such ailments can put you one step ahead in combating it and conquering as well.

  • Detect anomalies in family history

Few diseases are genetic. This means diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and others related to heart and psychology can be passed on from generation to generation. In order to understand this, getting a full-body health check-up regularly will provide insights into the functioning of your body and take preventive steps early on.

Understand the effects of lifestyle

Most people do not understand the repercussions of leading an unhealthy lifestyle and indulge in self-harm causing activities like smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, and leading a sedentary lifestyle. These activities if prolonged can also threaten one’s life. So, it is extremely important that you get a full-body health check-up to understand any effects due to such a lifestyle.

Understand the functioning of various organs

One of the advantages of getting a Full-Body Health Check-up regularly is that you get to know the functioning capacity of various organs like the brain, kidney, heart, liver, and others. This also helps in understanding if they are susceptible to diseases like diabetes, cancer, anemia, and coronary diseases. A mere blood test which will be a part of a regular full-body check-up can yield such insightful information about your health.

Get acquainted with your doctor

As a bonus, getting regular health check-ups will help you form a relationship with your doctor. This, in turn, will help the doctor in understanding your body and medical history better and suggest you appropriate measures to take better care or suggest an apt diagnosis.

Lower expenditure on health

One might think that getting Regular Health Check-ups is a costly affair. However, when you compare that cost to that of treatment for a disease, it is just a fraction. In some cases, it also helps in avoiding costly surgeries and save money in the long run.

In addition to the above reasons, our body also gives out signs that require a timely check-up to fully understand the issue and prevent it from aggravating. Some of them are:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Insomnia
  • Stress

Getting a full-body health check-up has never been more important. However, it became increasingly hard to find a good and affordable package. That is where RedHeal comes to your aid. We provide health check-ups starting from as low as 385/- only and comprehensive Full-Body Health Check-ups less than 200/-. Contact us to know more or to book one.



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