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The rise in Coronavirus cases worldwide has made everyone more conscious about their health. People around the world are using more sanitizer and wearing a mask to stay safe in public places. But while these precautionary measures are need of the hour, there is always in-depth knowledge of things we need to have. Wearing a mask is now compulsory at all the places. Whether you are a park or walking on the road. But while most of the physical activities are taking place outside, another associated dilemma to it is – whether to wear the mask while jogging or not?

Why you should not wear a mask and workout?

Never wear a mask and workout! We understand your safety and those around. However, you don’t have to wear the mask while jogging if you are following the social distancing norms. Make sure you are six feet away from people around. While exercising, your body needs more oxygen. Mask limit the air to the body cause shortness of breath, tiredness and fatigue. The sweating can also result in rashes on the face. Further leading to skin disease. IF you are further suffering from any kind of lung disease like asthma or any heart disease it is best recommended to not wear the mask as it further blocks the airflow to lungs.

 If you still want to exercise wearing a mask, our advice is to wear a polyester mask. The mask should be durable and breathable. Do not overdo exercise. If you feel tired then stop. Overexertion could cause lung fatigue leading to pain in chest and breathing issues. Hydrate well before the run and slow down if your body demands.

While we are facing the worst pandemic, we completely understand the athlete’s addiction to jogging and running. We best advice to stay home and workout. However, if you go jogging or exercise outside and face any kind of health we are here to help with the best. If you face breathing issues or have any doubts regarding the health concerns, feel free to book online appointment with our health consultants. We promise to connect you with The Best Doctor in Town.



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