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Kick your stress OUT this summer:

Stress is common to everyone in day-to-day busy life which effects physically and mentally. Our times are so filled with this word stress and the causes of stress could be out-numbered that we hear it on a daily basis. And as the scourging summers are at hand now, with heat going up high and high it is advised to take a few tips to get you chilled and protected from the stress caused during summer. Follow these tips to bust out stress at this hottest season of the year.

Stress management occupies an important role during summer as we work through the day and the day seems to be longer than usual. While kids have their vacation and keep their mothers busy, it is good to know the summer stress and anxiety management. This blog is designed to help you walk from stress-life to stress-free life.

Summer Stress Busters:

  1. Regular walks
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Drinking enough water
  4. Choose fruits instead of caffeine
  5. Vacation time – the best time
  6. Easy and timely meals

Regular walks

Walking stretches your whole body and eases the blood circulation naturally thereby relieving stress. Regular and consistent walking for 40 minutes in a day for at least 5 times in a week makes a difference in relieving stress. Choose to go for a morning walk and burst your stress in a healthy way for a healthy day.

regular walk
stress buster

Deep breathing

Perform some deep breathing exercises every day which facilitates the required amount of Oxygen to your body. This increases your metabolism and releases the endorphins (natural pain killers). Breathing exercises also help in relaxing the mind and body acting as a natural stress buster. This exercise also facilitates proper sleep and enhances natural digestion. It also helps in balancing blood pressure and lowers stress.

Drinking enough water

During summer we sweat a lot and some of the water content is lost through sweat. If we do not rehydrate the body it gets stressed, drained of the energy due to the loss of essential electrolytes. Soon after you wake up to relieve your stress with a glass of water. Have a glass of water with every meal throughout the day. Drinking adequate amount of water helps you to be rehydrated, detoxified and relieves the stress and maintain good health.

Stress relief
Managing stress

Choose fruits instead of caffeine

Eat the fruits that are rich in water content such as watermelons and musk melons. Make a choice to limit yourself or even cut down the liquids which are known to be diuretics such as Alcohol and caffeine. Fruits contain anti-oxidants which help in the destruction of free-radicals and relieve stress.

Vacation time – the best time

Make a strategic schedule for kids who have their vacation and divide their time for play, reading a book, drawing, creative thinking and doing, bring the tiny chef out of them by providing an opportunity to make an orange punch or an egg omelet. But make sure to keep these sessions enjoyable and memorable which in turn are the great stress busters.

Causes of stress
Stress management

Easy and timely meals

Load your meals with non-spicy, fiber-rich, protein-rich, and low-carbohydrate ingredients. This is mostly found in vegetables. Summer and heavy spices never go together and it is highly recommended to avoid heavy meals or spicy meals. Eating on time occupies its equal importance as a non-spicy meal. This a great stress buster to help you keep your day going on without any jerks during summer.

Summer stress
Managing stress

If you still have any queries regarding stress management, anxiety, and depression, talk to our expert doctors who can provide you with the right advise and burst your stress easy!



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