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Summer is almost here. This time you should avoid the health issues that you have faced earlier. Here in India, summer is for holidays and fun. But, summer can also bring so many diseases like Asthma, sun strokes and many other illnesses. Before, you join the summer sun, continue reading this to know the causes, symptoms and everything else to avoid summer sickness. A little bit of care and awareness is to have good summer health.


Some Common Summer Health Issues

Summer is longer, warmer and lazier. However, this sunny month needs some pretty important care to make yourself and your family to have a healthy season. First of all, the summer is not easy. But, it is the right time to know about the


. The health concerns in summer include

1. Dehydration:

Summer Health

One common illness in summer is dehydration. Don’t forget to drink water whenever possible. Make sure to take water breaks. The dehydration occurs when the intake of water is less than the outgoing water in the body. Diarrhea, sweating, and urine are some of the primary reasons for dehydration in summer.

2.Asthma attacks:

Summer is quite a dangerous season for Asthma patients. The more air pollution and a higher level of pollen along with the increase in mold growth due to humidity can trigger the attack of asthma. If an individual is prone to asthma, then taking medications and regular doctor checkup is recommended.

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Summer - Migrane

Summers trigger migraines. More sunshine and lower melatonin increase the risk of migraine headaches in the summer. However, there are many other reasons for the causes of headaches in the summer like dehydration, humidity, and barometric pressure etc.

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This is one most dangerous condition that summer can bring. While some people have minor sunstroke, others may have life-threatening sunstroke. Heat stroke may lead to seizures, death, rapid heartbeat and dizziness. You need to consult a doctor immediately when you feel the symptoms to avoid the higher risks.


Burning in Summer
Summer Burn

Protecting your skin from sunburn is important. One typical problem in summer comes with a sunburn. The higher temperature can cause many skin diseases and rashes. It happens when the skin has too much exposure to sun and heat. To avoid sunburns you need to be specific about your food habits and beauty products like sunscreen.

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7. Summer Cold:

Some people think a cold is only limited to winters. But you know? Summer also brings you cold. Sometimes this may be normal and simple. However, sometimes for some people, a summer cold is not simple and it may be an allergy. So, you just need to be sure if it is normal or simple. A normal cold will heal with a few days if it is an allergy it will last long. However, a frequent cold in summer should be diagnosed. So talk to a doctor.


Tips to avoid summer illness

  • Sleep well to improve immune system
  • An adult male should drink 4-5 liters and Adult female should take 3 liters of water.
  • Children should drink 1-2 liters of water
  • Use sun protection and skin care products
  • Eat fruits
  • Avoid exposure to Sun

When to talk to a doctor?

You need to talk to a doctor when you feel fatigue and weak in summer. The frequent illness in summer is due to some undiagnosed health issues. If you or your family have some sickness lasting for more than 2 days, don’t neglect. Talk to a Doctor immediately.



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