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Unlock 1.0 is here! But the relief to be out again is only from the government, not from the CoVID-19! And in situations like this, it is more than mandatory to take all the necessary precautions to be on-road again. Few of the musts are – Mask and Sanitizer! N-95 mask to cover your face so as you don’t get in direct contact with anyone and sanitizer to kill all the virus/germs you carry from outside. While we have written in our previous articles about how to select the best mask for CoVID-19, here are our experts to tell you when and how to use the sanitizer while also making sure you choose the best sanitizer.

CDC suggests the best is to wash the hands for 20 seconds with antibacterial soap and water. It helps remove the germs and chemicals on hand. However, if soap and water are not available and you are out in the market, make sure you frequently use hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol so as to kill the harmful germs and bacteria present on the skin. The alcohol content in the sanitizer help removes microbes on hand, thus eliminating the germs.

When to Use Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers are not very effective when visible dirt/grease is present on the hand. However, if you are visiting grocery stores or coming in from outside then hand sanitizer is a must before you touch anything on the surface. Sanitizer sprays work fine for everything metallic, leather or digital screens such as your phone and wallet. For greasy and soiled hands, sanitizers doesn’t work well. Hence it is recommended to wash the hands with water. Sanitizers with the alcohol concentration of 60-95% are effective in killing the germs compared to the ones with low alcohol concentration. Below the mentioned concentration sanitizers only help reduce the germ growth and not kill them.

How to use the hand sanitizer?

How is as important as why!

Apply 2-3 drops of sanitizers on one palm and rub both the palms to evenly spread it throughout. Rub it till the hands are dry. This spreads the sanitizer and kills the germs on the palm.

What is to be taken care of is: do not swallow the alcohol-based sanitizers! As it can cause alcohol poisoning. Ethyl Alcohol-based sanitizers with an alcohol content of 60%-95% are safe on skin. However, no sanitizers is safe if consumed. Another thing to take care of is the usage of sanitizers with kids. CDC regularly receive approx. 85,000 calls for exposure of sanitizers in children, leading to fatal situations. Make sure you let your child use sanitizers only in your supervision and by no means they consume it orally. Keep it out of their reach.

You can use any brand in the market available as any sanitizer is the best hand sanitizers if it follows the required alcohol consistency in it. As those below mentioned alcohol content would be ineffective. Use a hand sanitizers dispenser at home as it will save multiple touching on the bottle. For any more related queries and doubts, feel free to fix an online consultation with our expert Doctors or you can also book an appointment for the day. We assure to connect you with the Best Doctors in Hyderabad to answer your queries. Call us at 8800644744.



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    This is so helpful, Thanks for sharing the ideas especially during this time of covid19

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