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Coronavirus is spreading rapidly worldwide! And while most of the people are taking precautions to stay safe by all means, pregnant ladies In Coronavirus are more worried! They have all the valid health concerns for themselves and their babies. Here we are answering a few of the most common concerns for a pregnant mother with our Expert Gynaecologist:

  • How to protect self from catching the virus if you are pregnant? The most important thing to do is to follow proper hygiene. Wash hands frequently with soap and water and uses sanitizer. Avoid touching your face and do not go out in public. Use a good disinfectant for the home deliveries. Wear a mask in public and follow social distancing. Since your body is all time highly susceptible to receive the virus infection, make sure you avoid going in public as much you can. Stay hydrated and take adequate rest. Maintaining mental health is equally important.

What should you do if you have gone outside or been in contact with the person with Corona?

The first thing to do is immediately wash yourself up and contact your Doctor. Monitor your symptoms and keep the Doctor updated on a day to day basis. Consult them if you need ant tests to be done. Do not further go out and take online consultation with your Doctor.

  • What is the risk of getting more effected if you are pregnant? There is no evidence that confirms that pregnant ladies are more effected with Corona. They are as vulnerable to Covid-19 as the general public. The symptoms vary from mild to moderate. However, it is essential to follow an effective immune-boosting diet. 
  • Does having CoVID-19 in pregnant women can lead to complications with child?
    There is no evidence as such that a corona infected lady can have a miscarriage or lead to other complications in the child. However, there is evidence that it can lead to preterm birth. But proven data for this is extremely limited.
  • What are the chances of passing corona virus from Mother to the fetus? The risk of passing corona virus from mother to baby is very low. There is no evidence of this yet. If a woman is highly infected, chances are that it may transfer. But the best is to Consult your Doctor before reaching onto any result.

Although we tried to answer most of the concerns, we do understand there might be many more! We have our experts on board 24X7 and we promise to connect you with the Best Gynaecologist in Hyderabad. For any more consultation, feel free to Book an Appointment Online and Talk to Gynaecologist.



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