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Urinary tract infection, UTI, happens when bacteria, especially from the urine, travels up your bladder, affecting urethra, kidneys and urinary tract. Most of the infection involves affecting your lower urinary tract as the urethra and bladder are the ones that come first in the contact. Women are at always at greater risk of developing a UTI than man. And this can be painful and can cause a burning sensation.

However, if the infection reaches the kidney, the consequences are severe. Usually, such infections are treated with antibiotics. However, it could lead to a series of medical problems and hence to avoid at all costs by taking necessary precautionary measures.

Symptoms of UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection):

Urinary tract infections do not have any major symptoms but include:

  1. Strong urge to urinate frequently
  2. Passing a small amount of urine
  3. Burning sensation while urinating
  4. cloudy appearance of the urine
  5. Pelvic pain
  6. Strong smelling urine

Types of Urinary tract infections:

  1. Kidney UTI
    Symptoms: Pain at the side and upper back, vomiting and nausea-like feeling, chills and trembling.
  2. Bladder/Cystitis: Pelvic pressure, blood in urine, frequent and painful urination
  3. Urethra: Burning sensation while urinating urine along with white discharge.

Causes of UTI:

UTI is one reason your Gynaecologist, especially to women have asked to wipe or wash after urinating. The bacteria transfer from the urinary tract to the urethra and reach the bladder. The multiply sometimes fails and bacteria doesn’t grow further. But when get the right environment, it multiplies and infects the urinary tract.

Cystitis or Infection of the bladder is the most common type of UTI found in women. It is usually caused by E. Coli and is found in the gastrointestinal tract. Unsafe sexual intercourse may also lead to cystitis. The women are always at the higher risk of a UTI as the distance from the anus to the urethra is shortest. After menopause, the risk increases as the circulating estrogen causes changes in the urinary tract thus making females vulnerable to infection.

Prevention from UTI:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Cranberry is your fruit. Have more cranberry juice
  3. Wipe from front to back everytime you share toilet seat with anyone else
  4. Empty your bladder as soon as you have intercourse
  5. Avoid using cheap and un-prescribed feminine products
  6. Change your birth control methods if it causes allergies

We understand that UTI can be caused at could be a matter of concern for most of you. We request you to immediately consult your gynaecologist in case any symptom is present. We at reading heal provides online consultation with Gynaecologist. We are available 24X7 and hence you don’t have to alter your work schedule. Even when you’re stuck at home, it is too convenient to reach your Doctor on a video call. The process not only gives you a proper diagnosis but also help you understand and monitor your condition better.

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