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Why you look depressed? Hmm, It is the common question from people when you don’t have a smile on your face.

Probably, depression is the only emotion or state of mind which can be easily predicted in any person. It is not mandatory that, It can happen to only a certain age group; In fact, it can influence everyone at just about any age. As per the surveys, over 300 million people are being affected by depression each year. Hence, it is referred to as a multifarious illness, although there are no strong causes found for this, many reasons can cause this. Even though it is an illness which affects everyone, be it men or women, as per researchers, women are being affected with depression more than men.

Usually, there are two types of depression- medical depression which demands treatment for a cure and the other one is regular depression which is pretty common for everyone once in a while. We can consider various biological, societal and psychological factors like family problems, financial imbalances, unemployment, infertility, marital problems, etc.

The effects of depressions can be many like it can impact the way of being and the active movements in one’s daily routine. Apart from these effects, depression has a tendency to worsen medical illnesses. Hence, doctors always suggest keeping the sufferer as happy as they can. Depression can instantly show its impact in the sufferer, notably the change in their weight (gain or loss).

Not all with depression will suffer from weight loss some may also get affected with weight gain. Not just this, depression can also impact the menstrual cycle in women. When a person is depressed a stress hormone called cortisol is released which causes the changes in the women’s menstrual cycle. Alongside these impacts, depression can also affect the health of the baby and so the mother during pregnancy. Let us understand some symptoms of depression.

Depression is not such any vigorous condition which cannot be treated, it is totally treatable and people can become normal if proper medication and therapies are given. But depression has to be treated in one-to-one sessions as the therapy or the medication worked for one person may not for others. We have renowned psychotherapists who mastered many therapies to cure depression. Some of the renowned therapies for depression is interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, social skills therapy, supportive therapy, and many more.


Some generalized symptoms are set for depression. It is no compulsion that we can see all the listed symptoms in the people with depression; some may feel a few symptoms while others may feel most of them. In fact, based on the number and sternness of the symptoms, we can estimate how depressed the person is. Surprisingly, sometimes the symptoms that seem like depression aren’t actually.

  • Lack of interest in your interests involved in your daily routine.
  • The depressed person will always feel tired.
  • A feeling of eating too much than usual routine or to skip the meals.
  • Oversleeping or trouble in sleeping
  • Unable to concentrating on things and memorizing important things.
  • Unable to cope up with friends and family. Usually, depressed people look like their mind is inattentive.
  • Depression can make existing health conditions much worse than they actually are. The major state of affairs which has the depression’s impact on is diabetes, during pregnancy, untimely periods, weight loss or weight gain Etc.
  • Depressed people always get irritated easily.
  • The vigorous feeling of culpability, helplessness, and insignificance
  • Lessened energy levels and exhaustion.
  • The symptoms of depression can be so severe sometimes, like getting thoughts of suicide and to hurt themselves.

Remedies to Avoid Depression:

  • Try to stay happy and avoid people or moments which can make you feel low. Indeed depressed.
  • Do proper exercises for both physical and mental wellness like high-intensity workouts, cross fit, strength training.
  • Do meditation every day as it can strengthen your mental capacity and enhances your ability to control your emotions.
  • Make sure your diet has proper nutrients and minerals. Eat foods like green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts like almonds, walnuts.
  • Do not eat Trans fats foods like managed meat, set meals, raw meat, etc.
  • Do not smoke as the elements like nicotine can make you toxic.
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.
  • Take proper sleep i.e. at least 8 hours of sleep in a day can refresh your mind.
  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol.
  • Try to spend some time with family, friends or people who you can have some quality time.

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