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Do you know the tremendous health benefits offered by dates? Dates are the wrinkled surfaced seeds and towered in natural sugar and they are widely approbated as the Dates palm mostly grown in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

The nutrients present in the composition of dates will definitely blow your mind off. Let us take a look at some nutritional facts about dates-

In fact, dates are grown in various parts across the world and there are various types in it namely Amir Hajj, saidy, kharwady, medjool, etc. In India, most people call it “Khajoor”. People from these regions include dates in their diet considering its nutritional facts and tremendous health benefits. Dates always stand in the front pushing back the other fellow nuts in when giving instant energy to the body since it has enormous nutritional values, vitamins like A & B, minerals, fiber, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates in their opus and interestingly nutritionists call them as the powerhouses for protein. According to the International Food and nutrition journals dates will make you active when you are deeply exhausted. Give them a try. Probably, this can be the reason behind consuming dates especially during Ramadan season by Muslims who fast and it will also raise the blood sugars level and assist in rebalancing the stability of the body.  

  • Dates are considered as the tremendous source of dietary fiber since the fiber is the most essential nutrient for our body to maintain good digestion and avoid constipation. 
  • Dates give us a good supply Vitamin-B along with thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, VIT B5, VIT B6, folate, along with Vitamin C & K.
  • One cupful of dates serving will serve an excellent load of carbohydrates since half of our body calories come from the carbohydrates.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, but if you have to watch your calorie intake as well then dates are the best savories to satisfy your sweet craving.

Benefits offered by Dates:

  • Dates are essential for a healthy heart. They help in regulating the heart rate and limit blood pressure and avoid heart diseases.
  • The dates offer you instant energy since it has high proportions of glucose, sucrose, and fructose. As soon as you consume them, they get into your blood and make you active instantly, notably for the people who fast. So, try to switch your energy bar with dates.
  • They are highly efficient in maintaining good eyesight using the vitamin-c present in it in the form of antioxidants.
  • Dates are great food for better digestion system as the fiber content in it helps to digest the food and prevents constipation. It enhances the bowel movements and guarantees the free flow of consumed food through the intestines.
  • For people who are looking to put on the weight or cut down the weight, dates are the best solution for them since the cholesterol levels in this are low and high in protein.
  • They help in dissolving the kidney stones and also in reducing the urinary bladder issues and reduces the infections.
  • Dates will help in reducing colon cancer.
  • Since the fiber content is significantly high in the nutrient composition of dates, it helps in constipation by making a free bowel movement. That’s why specialists advise to soak the dates all night and eat them in the morning for a better digestive system.
  • It is obvious that the strength of your bones and teeth will gradually go down by your age. If you have that worry, eat dates every day as the copper and magnesium present in it will strengthen them.
  • Nutritionists usually suggest consuming dates as they develop good bacteria in our stomach.
  • Most of us might have seen parents making their wards to eat dates in the name of good memory enhancement. Well, many studies have proven that dates consist of adequate amount of Vitamin-B6 which improves the performance of the brain.
  • They will lower your cholesterol levels which in return supports in toning your body.
  • Since sodium is solely responsible for high Blood pressure; eating dates will regulate it as they are packed with potassium which supports in the excretion of sodium out of the body.
  • Dates are unbeatable when it comes to reducing the inflammation.
Importance of Dates For Health
Benefits Of Dates

Some Better Ways to enjoy eating Dates:

Not everybody will have the same taste or follow the same way of eating. This applies to the dates as well, some people like eating them fresh or some like them dried. Here are some ways to eat them.

  • Adding dates to oatmeal will give a great natural sweetness and amazing nutritional benefits. So try to dates with oatmeal this time.
  • If you are mindful about sugars, better add dates which are the excellent substitute to sugar. It will neither improve fat nor calories.
  • Usually, a decent taste of sweet will make a bowl of salad much tastier and delicious, chop some dates and add to your salad to enjoy the untenable taste.
  • Dates can be consumed along with Almonds and walnuts which will enhance the nutritional values.

If you want to know more ways to eat dates and benefits offered by it, Call us to get Free Medical Consultation and to fix an Appointment with the Best Nutritionist.



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