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Do your hands are getting cold even at normal temperature? Well, this could be a sign of an undiscovered illness. What are cold hands?

Let us take a look at it. It is a usual tendency of hands to get cold when you have cold surroundings, but it is not fine to have cold hands and feet when you’re not in a cold environment and it can be a sign of some existing illness in the body. Most doctors suggest that cold hands and cold feet is not a vigorous state of affair and it doesn’t need much of your consideration as a warning sign unless they are accompanied by color changes.

  • Being said that, cold hands and cold feet is taken as a signal of your body saying that you may have trouble with your nerves and blood circulation in most cases. Our hands stay warm as regulating the blood flow that moves from the heart, down the arm, all the way to our fingertips.
  • Normally poor circulation in the whole body associated with a lack of nitric oxide generation since the body uses it to regulate the flow of blood to every organ of our body ensuring that every tissue in our body gets adequate oxygen and nutrients imperative for various functioning in the body. 
  • Conversely, these cold fringes can also be an indicator of various other existing health problems, like anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fidgety legs syndrome, nerve damage, diabetes, thyroid, Raynaud’s disease, and hypothermia. Hence, when the blood flow is less to the hand they get cold. It may also mean that you are experiencing an issue with tissue damage harming your hands, fingers, feet or toes.
  • Cold hands and cold feet is a treatable illness unless the accompaniments are severe and uncontrollable. By maintaining proper hygiene and taking good care for skin will develop the temp regulation capacity in the body. Avoid smoking to reduce this extremity.

Symptoms of Cold hands:

These are some of the symptoms of cold hands:

  • You can witness a change in color of the skin in your hands something like blue or white.
  • You will feel the chill in your fingers and toes.
  • The skin on your palms and feet gets firm.
  • You can feel sore in your hands and feet.
  • Unable to hold anything properly and feeling of losing sensitivity in your hands.
cold hands symptoms
Cold Hands Symptoms

Home Remedies for Cold hands and Cold Feet:

Let the reason causing cold hands and feet, it is mandatory to it’s important for your expediency to warm them up. Take a look at some remedies

  1. Workout Daily: Exercise on a regular basis and take a walk around to maintain a healthy body and to better the blood rush into the nerves so the blood circulation. 
  2. Massage your hands and feet: Try to massage your feet and hands whenever you get some free time in order to improve the blood circulation into them and keep them warm.
  3. Mind your dressing: Better wear clothes from head to toe those keep you warm like a slouchy beanie or a hat, shawl, gloves, thermal socks, indeed cover your core in layers in order to keep it warm but make sure they are not fixed to your body.
  4. Drink Hot Beverages: Consume drinks like coffee, ginger, and lime, apple cider, hot chocolate, hot tea served honey, chai tea with ginger that raises the body temperature and keeps your feel the warmth from inside.
  5. Wear Sweatshirts and socks: Use sweatshirts and wear long socks to maintain the warmth if you feel cold from inside.
  6. Keep Room Heater: Despite wearing thermal clothes and other essential precautions to keep you warm, it is equally important to keep the room temperature in your room warm to feel the warmth from outside. Thus use the room heater to raise the heat.
  7. Warm Oil Rubdown: Massage the palms and feet with oils like olive oil or coconut oil by making them warm. Doing this ancient technique will undeniably increase the flow of the blood into the nerves and improves the blood circulation along with the delivery of oxygen.
  8. Eat iron-enriched foods: Since cold hands and cold feet can be a sign of anemia, incorporate foods like beetroot, baked foods, apple, dark green leafy vegetables, cashews, etc. in your everyday diet to fight iron paucity.
  9. Avoid Cold areas: Better not move to the places which will make you feel the cold since it can make your hands and feet cold. Avoid direct contact with cold things and do not go out when in cold areas.
  10. Give your hands a touch of “Heat”: Grab a glass of hot water and rub your palms around the glass to make your palms feel the warmth of it since it can normalize the blood circulation in your hands.

So, if you feel any of these symptoms and looking for a right doctor who can make you relieved from this illness, Call us to get Free Medical Consultation and to fix an Appointment with the Best Doctors.



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