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Sunstroke is an inappropriate tendency which occurs in the human body, when the body is exposed to the sun for longer durations, notably in summers. In short, sunstroke will damage the temperature controlling capability in the human body and makes it inefficient in bringing down the heat level of the body.

We often stumble upon many cases where people die due to the hefty impact of heat stroke. Majorly, aged people and children get affected more by sunstroke as the immunity power in them will be undeniably less than in adults, comparatively.

Even the doctors usually paint the town red through campaigns and advertisements about the precautions and safety measures which have to be taken to get rid of sunstroke, as it can be lethal for death. There are certain symptoms for the sunstroke which are to be considered as the sirens, that you need a diagnosis right away.

Symptoms of sunstroke:


  • Enhanced body temperature level- You can actually observe an ascent in body temperature levels than usual.


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  • Abnormal Mental behavior: Agitation, irritability, garbled speech.


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  • Dizziness


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  • Muscle cramps
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  • Red Skin: You can observe the bizarre change in the color of the skin, significantly into Red.
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  • Headache
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  • Elevated heartbeat rate.
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  • Irregular Breathing: Your breathing will be high than usual.
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Although we have many sophisticated and advanced medications around, there are certain measures which we have to follow to avoid being affected by sunstroke. Let’s take a look at them,

  • Before you step out of home, better apply sunscreen lotions to avoid.
  • Just keep replenishing your body with liquid like water to dehydrate as the body loses its water and salt contents when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Try to amend your daily routine priorities to the timings when the temperature is low.
  • Do not wear dark colored clothes like black which can actually absorb more heat.
  • Try to wear scarfs and masks when you are out in the sun to avoid direct contact with heat.
  • Do not let your lads to play and run in the sun heat as it can hugely affect them.

For any further advice call us immediately for Immediate medical support.



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