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With Everything that is happening in the world right now, you may have already realized the importance of maintaining a Strong Immune System.

From preventing us from falling sick of fighting with the antigens that have entered our body, Our Body’s immune system goes the extra mile to keep us safe.

But what if your immune system is compromised or weakened? How do you know if you have a good immune system or are having a weakened immune system?

In this article, let’s look at the 8 common signs of a weak immune system so that you can take the necessary actions to set it back right before it is too late.

  • Falling sick often
  • Road to recovery is extended
  • Digestion issues
  • You are always tired
  • Slow healing period
  • Being overweight
  • Frequent fungal infections

1. Falling sick often

As obvious as it seems, falling sick frequently is also one of the simplest ways to realize that you have a compromised immune system.

Sure, everyone catches a cold or infection now and then, but if you are getting sick more frequently than an average 2-3 times a year, it is a warning sign.

When you fall sick, your antibodies fight the pathogens and make sure you recover your health. However, in the case of a weakened immune system, your antibodies will not be able to completely defeat the pathogens and eliminate them out of your body.

As a result, you fall sick frequently.

2. Road to recovery is extended

Did you ever notice or remember falling sick after a strenuous day at work or after an emotionally demanding situation at home?

Well, that is a sign of a weak immune system too. Being stressed out for prolonged periods may result in a decrease in the lymphocytes or the White Blood Cells (WBC) in your body. They are responsible for staving off a pathogen attack on your body. This essentially means that you are at more risk of catching an infection or a common cold. So, make sure you remain stress-free, not only for your mental health but also your physical health.

3. Digestion issues

Are you aware that your gut has one of the strongest immune systems?

The microorganisms or the good bacteria living in your gut are responsible for defending your body from foreign invaders.

So, if you constantly suffer from either indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, or bloating, it is due to a gut issue, which is a sign of a weakened immune system.

4. You are always tired

Having a compromised immune system may result in you facing fatigue or getting tired in spite of not doing anything physically demanding.

You may feel weak and tired even after getting a good night’s sleep. This is because your body will be conserving the energy to aid your immune system.

If you are feeling tired always, it might be due to a weak immune system.

5. Slow healing period

Similar to longer recovery time when you catch a cold or fall sick if you notice that your wounds or injuries take longer than usual to heal, it might just be another sign that your immune system is weak.

When you are injured or Any damage On your skin, your body works hard to send nutrient-rich blood to the sight of injury to heal and regenerate the skin in that place. This healing process depends on a good immune system.

6. Being overweight

Being overweight causes numerous health disorders, one of which is weakening your immune system.

If you are overweight, the tissues that are responsible for storing fat secrete more cytokines, a type of protein, and this results in inflammation. This constant inflammation puts an unnecessary load on your immune system.

In addition to this, it also hinders proper nutrient absorption by the body and causes hormonal imbalances. All of these negatively impact your immune system.

7. Frequent fungal infections

Having frequent fungal infections is another warning sign of a weakened immune system.

This can be identified if you have a frequent thrush formation in your mouth. Thrush is a yeast-like fungal formation in your mouth and throat.

While these are signs that you are having a weak immune system, it is important that you take immediate measures to improve your immunity and also check with a doctor.

Consulting a doctor is important as having weak immunity does not only make you sick frequently, but it might also be an underlying immunodeficiency disorder like viral hepatitis or cancer to the immune system like leukemia.

So, it is always wise to check with a doctor if you are falling sick often. Delaying in such cases can deteriorate your health condition beyond repair.



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