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With no sure shot vaccine for CoVID-19 yet, boosting immunity is the only way to stay safe from this epidemic. While we adults are good at taking care of our food intake and know exactly the amount of protein and vitamins intake, our Kids need the same too! A good immunity not only will help them stay safe from this epidemic but, will also help them in the long run. It helps boost Kid’s natural defense and save them in cold and flu season too.

We at Red Heal understands your dilemma towards what to feed the kids. Our nutritionist suggests the best of foods to improve kid’s immunity. You can treat your kids with those tips, so as to make them stay safe and boost immunity. Read it here:

  1. Yogurt: Yogurt contains a lot of healthy enzymes, known as probiotics. It improves gut health in children, that is, how the body consumes food. It helps the body fight sickness. Kids with regular yogurt intake are 20% less at risk of getting affected by any disease.
  2. Vitamin C rich food: Seasonal vegetables are rich in phytonutrients which help fight bacteria and infections. Guava, peach, cherries, strawberries are a rich source of Vitamin C.
  3. Dry Fruits, nuts and seeds: We all know children and their tantrums when it comes to consuming vegetables. But they like those crunchy snacks. So give them a good bowl of dry fruits and nuts like walnuts, cashew, almonds and raisins. Nuts in any form, dry or roasted, are a good source of antioxidants and vitamins. They are snacks rich in protein and are a good source of healthy fat. Add-on – the energy bar of your kids will be high always.
  4. Mushrooms: Loaded with Vitamin D, mushrooms play a major role in building immunity. The best part is, it does not have much of its own taste. Mix it with the sandwich or their favorite vegetable. You can also serve mushroom in a thick Thai homemade mushroom soup.
  5. Turmeric: You might know the immunity-boosting part of turmeric by now! Known as a great immunity-boosting spice, turmeric can be included in your daily diet. Presence of curcumin makes it a powerful antioxidant. Easy to slip in any vegetable, it can also be added with your dough and can be served to the kid in the form of healthy paratha.

While we all are in quarantine, it is utmost important to take care of the kids and feed them healthy. Make the food fun for them by adding above in their meals. The best way to get all the above nutrients is through diet. A balanced meal plays a role in the long run. For all your more nutrition queries and a detailed diet plan for kids, feel free to take online consultation with child nutritionist at Redheal. We assure to connect you with the Best Child Nutritionist in Hyderabad for that healthy living you seek for your kid.



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