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The chaos of Covid epidemic is high! And those who are fighting the disease are known to have a strong immune system. People with fighting antibodies for Covid are declared as people with the evolved immune system by Doctors. But what all this buzz about a strong immune system? Do we understand the in and out of how the immune system works? Or how strong immune system helps fight Covid -19? Let’s understand it better!

Antibodies are the centre when it comes to the body’s response towards a viral infection. It protects an individual from relapsing again from the same disease by creating antibodies. These antibodies are known to fight the infection or what we call agents causing the disease in the first place. Antibodies test are treated as a crucial treatment for the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Certain proteins rich blood is tended to show better immune and fighting properties than others. These antibodies are produced by the B cells in the immune system and target particular foreign pathogens. Having these antibodies means that the person has a strong immune system that can fight off the pathogens of Covid-19. The precise strength and the actual protein playing the role is still unknown. But what we for sure know is that it helped the virus stop mutating.

Treating CoVID-19 with antibodies

Developing the right antibodies for the disease is a long way to go to fight the epidemic, says, scientists. Immunity is not a thing to be developed overnight and develops over a lifetime of contact with vaccines and pathogens. Each molecule and tissue in the body plays a role in fighting the disease. As currently there is no vaccine for corona virus, stronger the immune system, stronger is the body’s defense mechanism. A healthy lifestyle – less alcohol and no smoking backed with a balanced diet, less stress and proper exercise are going to play a major role in fighting down the pathogens.

A strong immune system is a way to go if we want to fight this epidemic in the long run! The simple steps could slow down the spread of disease like corona virus. For more consultation and guidance, please feel free to consult our experts here. We have online consultation available 24×7 any day and we assure you to connect with the experts in the field of nutrition and immunity.



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