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Boosting immunity is all we can now talk about. And why not? If anything is keeping us safe from the pandemic Covid-19 is the strong immune system. While turmeric juice, vitamin C supplements and green vegetables are now a preferred choice to boost the immunity, let’s understand that nothing works overnight!

That not at all means minerals and vitamins are not important. They are important and plays a major role in the long run. As our expert nutritionist suggest, immunity boost doesn’t happen overnight. The salad, vitamin C supplements and the vegetables you take now are going to pay in the long run. Let’s see what all vitamins and food plays a role in boosting the immune system in adults!

Vitamin C: A micro nutrient knows for a strong immune system! The anti-oxidants in vitamin C protects cells from toxic pathogens. Citrus foods are known to be a rich source of it. Vitamin C is found in Lemon, Orange, bell peppers, strawberries, kiwi and broccoli. As advised by the national academy of medicine: women should intake 75 mg of vitamin C and men should intake 90 mg of it, daily.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is responsible for an increase in the activity of cells, which leads to an increase in the body’s mechanism of fighting pathogens. The primary source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Though it can also be gained through diets like milk, cereals which are Vitamin D rich (mentioned explicitly), and fatty fishes like salmon and sardines. A suggested dose of Vitamin D in adults is 15 micrograms per day.

Vitamin E: Another antioxidant is responsible for playing a role in the defence of immune cells. Vitamin E is known to shield the immune cells and increase their overall function. It is fat-soluble and hence is found in nuts, vegetable oils, avocadoes, and seeds – such as flax seeds. For an adult, a recommended dose is 15 milligrams a day.

Zinc: Zinc is another essential component to maintain healthy immune cells and development. Deficiency of Zinc is known to cause suppress immune system and cells to break down in the premature stage. A good amount of Zinc can be included in the diet with foods like – red meat, beans, shellfish, etc. A recommended dose of zinc is 10 milligrams in adults.

The best way to get all the above nutrients is through diet. Our nutrition expert suggests to include a lot of herbs and vegetables in the diet with a focus on specific foods too. A balanced meal plays a role in the long run. For all your more nutrition queries and guidance on healthy living, feel free to take Online Consultation with the Nutritionist at Redheal. We assure to connect you with the Best Nutritionist in Hyderabad for that healthy living you seek.



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