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With the outbreak of new Coronavirus, people are now prompted to buy medical face masks with the hope to prevent infection. While the internet is now flooded with the various antiviral face masks, we at readheal decided to educate our followers with the best available option in the market.

No, this isn’t a sponsored blog and we are not going to boost a certain brand!

We solely want to well-inform our audience the available face masks in the market based on the medical purpose to help deal with the Coronavirus.

The facemasks are advised to wear whenever people go out in a public place, so as to prevent the spread of infection. They are most effective in the city where a person is more likely to come in contact with someone who is infected.

If you’re also the one planning to deal with the novel Coronavirus with the help of a mask, this article might help you decide. As we have curated a detailed medical opinion on the same.

According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), there are two different kinds of masks available in the market – N95 Respirators and Surgical Face Masks.

Surgical masks are usually found at pharmaceutical shops and online e-commerce portals. The idea behind wearing a surgical mask is to protect the wearer against large droplets of splashes and bodily fluids from others. Wearing a surgical mask is not a good idea if you are trying to prevent yourself from coronavirus. As it does not prevent a person from inhaling smaller airborne particles. They do not provide respiratory protection and the loose-fitting cause the wearer inhales the potential particles from the leak at the side.

N95 respirators are effective in preventing the wearer from coronavirus as they are tight-fitting and filter out atleast 95% of airborne particles. N95 masks are tested in the labs and ensure to work correctly. Although, because of the built, it is tough for people to wear a face mask for a prolonged time. Hence, it is advisable to wear it only when out in a crowdy place, where the potential for catching the virus is high.

How effectively Wearing a face mask prevent diseases?

According to the studies, face masks do not cut down the risk of catching a virus in an individual. Though it significantly reduces the chances. But experts suggest that already sick and infected people should wear the mask so as to avoid spreading the germs further. People who aren’t sick should not rely on mask as a preventive for respiratory infections. While face masks are good in preventing the spread of germs, they are unlike to play any effective role in the outbreak of new coronavirus.

To help stop the spread of respiratory infections, make sure to wash your hands multiple times a day and avoid touching faces. Keep a good distance from people who are sick and eat healthy food to build a good immune system.

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