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Vitamin-C has always been a name associated with boosting immunity. However, with the ongoing pandemic and claims on Social Media that it helps prevent Covid-19, this vitamin has become one over-hyped consumption in every household. Let’s reflect on how beneficial this Vitamin is in the ongoing pandemic.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the key nutrients that provides a major role in providing the body with anti-oxidants. It neutralizes the unstable components on the body, also known as, free radicals and prevent the cellular damage. This boosts body immunity by increasing the functions performs by cells to defend the body from foreign bodies. The daily recommended dose of Vitamin C, as prescribed by standards, is 90 mg/day.

This amount can easily be met by a number of fruits and vegetables available in the market. For example – Lemon, Broccoli, orange, etc.

How Vitamin C Boost Immunity

Vitamin C is rich with anti-oxidants and hence decrease the inflammation in the body. This improves the immune function and keeps skin healthy by increasing collagen production. Both together protect the body from harmful compounds entering the body. Vitamin C also promotes wound healing.

Vitamin C is known to prevent Covid-19 as it boosts the activity of phagocytes, immune cells that kills harmful bacteria and particle. Although Vitamin C is not known to cure Covid-19, it certainly does help build the immune system over a period of time.

In addition, it also promotes the growth of white blood cells and increases the circulation of proteins and antibodies. An overall strong immune system can also prevent you from a lot of other diseases which includes seasonal cold, etc.

Vitamin C & Covid 19:

The belief that Covid 19 can be cured by Vitamin C taken high in dose has started from a published article in the Chinese Journal of Infection Diseases. While the people hospitalised has shown significant improvement with the increased dose of Vitamin C, it is not yet evident that it helps cure Covid-19. And hence, it is not an official part of the treatment yet.

Vitamin C overall is having properties to improve lung function and the body’s immunity system. It is advisable to consume Vitamin C in a normal dose daily.

Should you take Vitamin C supplement?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, that is, if consumed in excess, the body will not absorb it and will eliminate it through urine. Thus, consuming vitamin C in a normal dose is advisable. This can be consumed in the form of 1 lemon, half orange or 1 bowl of Broccoli. Taking more Vitamin C or having it in supplements won’t have body consume it more. However, a high dose of Vitamin C can cause nausea and diarrhoea.

While Vitamin C is one of the most important components in building up the immune system, its intake is not known to cure CoVID-19. But we are sure that this nutrient will help you build a strong immune system in the long run. Make sure you include a lot of green leafy vegetables and a variety of seasonal fruits in your diet.

As for the cure of COVID 19, the best we can say is to maintain the best personal hygiene and follow social distancing. For any other questions on building a strong immune system or any discomfort you are facing, feel Free to reach our Online Consultation. We assure you to connect you with the Best Doctor in the domain and answer all your underlying concerns.



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