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With the coronavirus leading the headlines, a number of forwards are being received on our WhatsApp and social media feed. While a few of them are from the authentic source, many of them are just the myths spreading. We at Redheal understands the sensitivity of the matter and want to bust the myths related. Let’s have a look at the facts and myth’s of coronavirus chart with you for better safety and precaution:

Myth’s And Facts Of Coronavirus:

  • Myth: Antibiotics treat Covid.
  • Truth: Antibiotics work on Bacteria and not Virus. Antibiotics work only on bacteria, not on the virus. As the name says, CoVID-19 is a virus and not bacteria, hence antibiotics are not the cure.
  • Myth: Hand dryers kill corona virus.
  • Truth: Only Alcohol-based liquids help. Many of us believe that hot air from hand dryers would kill the virus. However, it is evident that only alcohol-based sanitizers and hand wash works. Once the hand are washed properly, dry it with a paper towel or warm air.
  • Myth: There are vaccines against Corona virus.
  • Truth: There is no vaccine to date. With much hype, some fake news has been circulated about the vaccine availability to cure Covid -19. However, there is no specific medicine recommended as of now for the same. All the vaccines are in the trial phase and there is no concrete solution to it for snow. WHO is accelerating research for the same and increasing the development efforts.
  • Myth: Ultraviolet radiation would kill the Virus.
  • Truth: Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin irritation. UV rays have multiple side effects. Do not use it to sterilize as it may lead to severe skin irritation.
  • Myth: Eating Garlic would help fight the virus.
  • Truth: Garlic only won’t help cure Covid. Garlic does have many antibacterial properties. However, there is no evidence to it that the outbreak is cured by consumption of the same.
  • Myth: Corona virus can be transferred through mosquito bites.
  • Truth: Corona virus can not be transmitted through mosquito bites. Corona virus is a respiratory virus and can only be transmitted through cough, sneeze, saliva or nasal discharge. Clean your hands frequently to avoid the same. There is no evidence that it spreads through mosquito bites.
  • Myth: A hot bath would help prevent the virus.
  • Truth: Body temperature doesn’t have an impact on the corona. A hot bath does not minimize your chance to catch Covid- 19. Regardless of the temperature of your shower, the virus affects the system. However, frequently cleaning the hand would do the job just right.
  • Myth: Corona virus affects only older people.
  • Truth: People of all ages can be affected by Covid-19. It is enough evidence now that corona virus affects people of all ages. Old people are more vulnerable because of poor immunity. WHO advises people of all ages to take the utmost precautions.
  • Myth: Covid-19 is killed in a hot and humid climate.
  • Truth: Covid-19 have a strong presence in the hot and humid climate. Covid-19 can be transmitted and spread irrespective of the state temperature. The best is to take necessary precautions for Covid-19 irrespective of the area you are living in.

Though it is not counted as the worst epidemic yet and categorise as a pandemic, we don’t know if, with the increase in death tolls, it becomes one. As per the officials at WHO, it is too early to declare. Though our appeal to the mass is, do not let fear sink in and affect you. Take all the necessary precautions as needed and we’ll be able to fight through this.

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