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With the WHO declaring coronavirus an epidemic, the countries are struggling to deal with the treatment options available. While the scientists are wearing their best hats and working on a vaccine for coronavirus, there is no concrete treatment available for the infection.

Treatment of Coronavirus in India:

The Indian Council of Medical Research is treating the epidemic on the same level as of AIDS treatment. The approval from the Drug Controller General of India allows the effected individuals to consume a combination of ritonavir and lopinavir, drugs for AIDS. The main suppliers are Cipla and Aurobindo in India, also known as being the largest manufacturers of antiretrovirals.

In addition to that, the hospitals are keeping the people affected in a separate incubated area so as to prevent the spread. While the government is taking the precautions best with restricted foreign arrivals and effective medical checkups on the airport, there are still chances of the virus spread at places.

In our previous articles, we have shared expert take on the coronavirus, methods for prevention, and other precautionary measures. However, if you feel to develop any symptoms accurate or nearby, the best is to refer the best consultant nearby and get yourself checked.

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