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With corona being a respiratory disease, people with Asthma are worried. As both the disorders affect the lungs, Asthma people are a concern to confuse an asthma attack with corona symptom. And while we at Redheal understand this concern, we got our panel of experts on board to clarify the concerns for you.

As per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, people with Asthma if gets in contact with Corona are the more fatal case then a healthy person getting in contact with corona. It is susceptible that people with diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease, because of the suffered immune system are more likely to catch corona.

If patients with Asthma gets infected by Corona, they are more likely to have accelerated asthma as both the disease directly impacts the respiratory system. While the CoVID-19 can impact everyone out there and all need to be extra cautious, people with Asthma have higher fatality towards the infection. Though there are no concrete statistics proving the same, it is drawn by Doctors that chronic disease decreases the body’s ability to fight the virus.

While the only way to escape from COVID is isolation, here is our special medical advice to the Asthma patients: DO NOT STOP YOUR PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS. Regularly taking asthma medication would help prevent the acute asthmatic attack which is more likely to happen in the case of an infection.

It is advisable to stay away from the crowded place and keep your surrounding at home clean so as to avoid any kind of dust allergies. Practice social distancing and above all do not panic. All it needs to follow the relevant precautions and quarantine yourself so as to have minimal or zero effect of things surrounded.

Even at some stage you still feel an Asthma patient is developing some symptoms of Corona, do not hesitate to take Free Online Doctor Consultation.

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