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Coronavirus is rapidly spreading in many states and so are the Rumours. While the government is ensuring the smooth supply of essentials, there are a number of people practising washing the vegetables and fruits with soaps and detergents before consumption.

There is no evidence that coronavirus spreads through food and vegetables. However, following the generic precautions, it is needed that the food items be washed in the running water before consuming. Following are few tips to ensure that the grocery you purchase stays virus and germfree for consumption:

1. Before washing the grocery items, wash your hands:

Washing hands has been emphasized enough! Wash your hands for Atleast 20 seconds before cleaning fruits and vegetables.

2. Rinse it well in the running water:

Rinse it well in the running water and rub with both the hands. This all is needed to remove the dirt from the surface and cleans majority of the vegetables. Rinse it before you peel.

3. DO NOT use soap or detergent:

It’s a pure myth that using soap or detergent or antiseptic would kill the virus bacteria. This might not be good for the health as the presence of any antiseptic would affect your health in a negative manner. Especially if kids are consuming the food item.

4. Use a brush or sponge, only if necessary:

Certain root vegetables like potato and carrots might require you to use the brush for rubbing off the dirt. Use a vegetable brush and clean it after every use.

5. Extra attention to cleaning some delicate items:

When it comes to items like berries, take extra precaution. As they are consumed directly, it is good if you can wash it a little longer in the running water so as to remove all the pathogens or just place it in a cold water bowl. This is also true for cabbage and lettuce.

Our advice is to cook your food before consuming as it kills most of the germs and bacteria on the surface. Especially raw meat and fresh produce. Consume 5 portions of fruits and vegetables so as to build strong immunity. For any more nutritional advice, feel free to reach us at Redheal. You can Book an Appointment Online with our experts or Call us at 8800644744.



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